Secure Cloud Foundation

Fearless Cloud Adoption. Modern Optimised Managed Services to Secure your Cloud Foundation Platform.

What is the Secure Cloud Foundation?

Managed through Mint Managed Service Provider, enable your business with Modern and Advanced Secure Cloud infrastructure.

Put your business operations in the cloud and rest easy knowing your Azure cloud landscape is managed through standardised, optimised and templatised best practices with Mint’s Modern Managed Services.

Secure Cloud Foundation is a platform that provides enhanced security and best practice configuration with Azure AD and Hybrid Identity solutions.

Choose a Secure Cloud Foundation

Turnkey Secure Cloud Platform enablement with enhanced security and best practice configuration with Azure AD

Establish a Secure, and Proactively Managed Azure Cloud Landscape foundation from the Start

Advanced solution for Customers that require Hybrid Identity enablement with On-Premises AD integration & federation

Embedded security controls, Role Based Access Model and auditing enablement for compliance alignment

Proactive Management. Support and Maintenance & Tenant Administration by Mint MSP

Cybercrime is up 600% due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Your environment could be at risk.

Trust Mint MSP to keep your environment updated, secure and protected.

Get a Secure Cloud Foundation in 4 easy steps



  • Assessment of Requirements
  • Licensing and Consumption Planning
  • Security and Compliance Alignment Planning
  • High Level Cloud Service Adoption Plan
  • Establishment Plan


Tenant Establishment

  • Mint MSP – Modern Managed Azure Cloud Blueprint
  • Mint MSP Security Control, Management and Monitoring Blueprint
  • Mint MSP Administration, Support and Maintenance RBAC Blueprint


Managed Services

  • Proactive Management & Support
  • Administration & Maintenance
  • Auditing, Reporting and Health Management
  • License Management and Administration


Billing Model

  • Once Off Initial Fee
  • Per Tenant Management & Administration Recurring Fee
  • Per User fee for End User Support
  • Ad-Hoc Support or Professional Services
  • Retainer Based Support and Professional Services

Why Azure AD and Hybrid Identity for Secure Cloud Foundation?

Azure Active Directory is the Microsoft cloud version of Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Active Directory has been the focal point of user and credential management since Windows 2000, Microsoft Azure AD supersedes traditional AD and prepared the organization for Modern Cloud Services.

The Secure Cloud Foundation Solution establishes and operationalizes Microsoft Azure AD for Customers without Microsoft Cloud Services who currently utilize Microsoft AD on premises or who are initiating their Cloud Journey as the Foundational Identity.

Organizations use Azure AD to store user information like Name, ID, Email, Address, etc. Azure Active Directory supports single sign-on to more than 2800 SaaS (software as a service) applications like Azure, Office365, Google Apps, ServiceNow, etc. Through single sign-on, users can enter credentials once and then can access other applications or services without entering any credentials.

Azure AD is the single and universal cloud-based identity and access management platform, Azure AD also provides identity management for PaaS and IaaS applications. Azure AD is the ideal modern identity platform to manage the organizations internal and external users securely, and therefore provides the ideal Modern Cloud Identity and Access foundation that is aligned to Microsoft Best Practices, and that is proactively managed through Modern Microsoft Cloud Native capabilities and services.

Integrating on-premises directories with Azure AD makes an organizations’ users more productive by providing a common identity for accessing both cloud and on-premises resources. Users and organizations can take advantage of a single identity to access on-premises applications and cloud services such as Microsoft 365 and provides integrated security and health monitoring capabilities to enhance reliability and cyber defense.

Business Applications suited for your business

Secure Cloud Foundation with Azure AD

NEW and EXISTING Microsoft Cloud Customers
R 150
Per User Per Month
  • Once-off Cost of R16 440
  • R16 500 Per Tenant Per Month
  • R150 Per User Per Month

Secure Cloud Foundation with Microsoft Azure AD and Hybrid Identity

NEW Microsoft Cloud Customers
R 150
Per User Per Month
  • Once-off Cost of R25 000
  • R18 500 Per Tenant Per Month
  • R150 Per User Per Month

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