Microsoft Solution Assessments

Let Mint Help You Get Your Business To The Cloud

Support and secure your current IT estate with a Microsoft Solution Assessment, designed to empower you to make informed organisational decisions.

Apply for one or more investment assessments that align with your cloud roadmap. We will get back to you with an assessment report.

Data & Infrastructure Migration

Prioritise migrations and workloads while modernising your server and data centre environments.

Application & Database Modernization

Identify opportunities within your organisation to prioritise applications and/or workloads for cloud modernisation.

Azure Foundations

Plot the digital transformation roadmap for your organisation by understanding your cloud maturity.

Cloud Security

Gain detailed insights to your cybersecurity infrastructure while establishing processes to reduce cyber risk.

Workplace Modernization

Gain visibility into your IT environments while identifying opportunities to improve productivity.

Azure Cost Optimisation

Gain critical insights to manage cloud spending and increase organisational accountability.

Choose a CSP For Your Business

Take advantage of a cloud portal that allows you to manage your licensing and subscriptions and enable cloud billing. In addition to the enhanced capabilities a CSP can give you, Mint also offers free cloud assessments that give you a report of your current cloud landscape, allowing you to carefully plot your next steps.