ProActive™ Transform

Mitigate the risks, drive a consistent outcome and accelerate your Business Applications implementation


Re-imagine the way you implement Business Applications

The traditional implementation process is expensive and time-consuming and it requires highly skilled costly resources. It can have unrealistic timelines and leave you feeling out of control.

But that’s all in the past. 

Mint’s ProActive™ Transform combines technology, decades of experience creating and supporting digital transformation, and carefully defined processes to fundamentally transform the traditional Business Applications model, from technology selection right through to deployment.

Now you can achieve a truly predictable outcome within budget and on time.  

What is ProActive™ Transform?

ProActive™ Transform takes the guesswork out of your Business Applications solution analysis and design.

ProActive™ Transform delivers:

Functional and technical solution design, including any third-party solutions needed

Configuration settings enabling quick and effective solution build

‘To Be’ Business Applications processes to help with system build, change management, and training

Details of any solution gaps that need to be addressed prior to the build phase

A Solution That Helps All Roles Achieve Business Success

  • Manage risks and costs by completely de-risking your business spend
  • Achieve maximum ROI, innovation, and strong competitive advantage
  • Reduce disruption and downtime
  • Better aligned design to business value
  • Improved quality of the design across the board resulting in improved quality solution within time and budget
  • Identification of solutions gaps prior to build phase
  • Simplified and automated design
  • Take away the headache of scope creep
  • Ensure your software and hardware specs support the technical architecture and security your organization requires

ProActive™ Transform happens in 6 Simple Steps


Business Analysis made Simple

Suite of online surveys in simple business language for completion by Subject Matter Experts


Detailed System Configuration

Partner-ready configuration design document for sharing with implementation partner to start building solution with confidence


Comprehensive Solution Design

Detailed functional and technical solution design for the project, including proposed solutions for any gaps


Licence Calculations

A full breakdown of license requirements and indicative costings for any other technologies that may be needed


Detailed ‘To Be’ Processes

Breakdown of future (‘To Be’) processes – to help with system build, change management & training


Reliable Project Estimates

Clear breakdown of the remaining project phases, timings, external costs and likely internal resource requirements

Re-imagine Enterprise Application Solution Design

with Mint ProActive™ Transform

Simplified Business Applications 365 Projects

Who is ProActive™ Transform for?

ProActive™ Transform simplifies the Business Applications implementation solution design for:

Experience the Benefits of ProActive™

Reduce your system evaluation time by over 60%

Cut your solution design costs by up to 50%

Shrink your project completion time by 30%

Bring down your overall project costs by up to 40%

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