Microsoft Power Platform: Create Intelligent Business Solutions

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As digital transformation develops at an exceptionally fast pace we need to stay ahead of how the process changes along the journey of our unique businesses.  Organisations are taking on full circle intelligent business solutions in order to speed up complex processes and undertakings. Nowadays this is no longer a nice to have but rather a necessity to ensure that businesses run optimally with little margin for error. Take the Microsoft Power Platform for example, a digital group of products offered by Microsoft to develop and shape complex business solutions. With the capabilities to analyse and draw data visualisations and automate selected  business processes or even build virtual agents for communication.

Create automated workflows to supersede manual and laborious tasks all stored in the cloud. Within the Microsoft Power Platform there are four incredible products available to aid your business in its undertakings;

  1. Power BI – Examine and analyse data from different data sources
  2. Power Apps – Create effective internal mobile apps for your organisation
  3. Power Automate – Work smarter not harder with designed automated workflows that reduce manual tasks
  4. Power Virtual Agents –Develop chatbots that can communicate with external customers

With Microsoft Power Platform you have limitless ability to create intelligent business solutions that will:

  • Increase the speed to market with dynamic strategies and improved sales.
  • Automate your operations
  • Streamline reporting processes and integrate data

These products are in the form of simple GUI which can be used by  businesses to help reduce the need for IT within their operation.

How we conduct business has rapidly changed with the advent of social media, eCommerce websites and chatbots. We now have the means to send our existing and potential customers messaging much faster than ever before. The changes in the digital landscape have led to changes in customer expectations. We have realised that providing a seamless customer experience while increasing efficiency is vital. Companies highlight leveraging their capabilities to organise work processes and systems to cater to the customers’ various needs, allowing them to succeed in the current business situation.

This software can consolidate internal systems and empower companies to use analytics, customer engagement scores, and personalization to match the customer’s expectations. Businesses can personalise each customer interaction, and utilise tools and analytics to understand customer behaviour and segment users based on their preferences.

Empower and teach your team with new skills and methodologies while creating a better work environment  that helps others achieve deliverables faster and with less effort and frustration.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Power Platform?

The value propositions are as follows:

  1. Profitability of the business
  2. Re-invention of the business model, creating new thinking
  3. Better customer experience
  4. Operational efficiency
  5. Maximising technology to your advantage

To emerge as a proactive, resilient, and successful enterprise in the dynamic current and future economic landscape, organisations are actively working towards digital transformation through Microsoft Power Platform as it enables them to reimagine their business and build themselves for change.

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