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The adoption of technology in healthcare over the years has been an important part of advances in health-tech. Data collection and team collaboration help harness information and technology to make health care more effective and efficient.

Out of all the benefited sectors from technology adoption, healthcare is probably the most significant one. Therefore, it improved the quality of life over time, and it has saved many lives.  Through partnerships with individuals that share the same vision, a future  is possible, where access to quality health care will enable people to flourish.

Technology aids health practitioners to store and retrieve data relating to a patient’s health records. It also enhances the communication of patient information through a legible format that anyone can use. As a result, it reduces the chance of medical errors. It also makes it easier to retrieve patient information through a database without new health checks. All the above technologies in healthcare have a thing in common; they improve health and patient safety.

Allowing access to quality health care enables people to flourish through harnessing heath technology and innovation to empower human action.

Our collaborations with partners who share the same passion to help health teams achieve more through technology and innovation are able to harness the use of medical technology tools to ensure that patient safety and confidentiality is safeguarded. With Vantage Heath Technologies and Microsoft Azure we can create alerts on medication, flags and reminders, consultation and diagnosis reports, and gain easy access to patient data. The electronic recording of data can lead to uniformity of practice across all health practitioners across the country. Using an electronic health record can improve provided care for common conditions based on past evidence.

Team collaboration within the medial field can be simplified and streamlined to create better communication and deliverables within medical teams. But, the use of technology does not have to be cold and unfriendly, today the use of technology can also be incredibly personal.

We know that that technology in healthcare is not a new thing. In recent years there have been many ground-breaking advancements in technology in healthcare and  today it is used across a broad spectrum of medical technology for a variety of health care applications, from simplest medical case the most severe scenarios.

The transformative power of technology could not obviously be missing from the healthcare sector. Even though it is a sector requiring highly skilled individuals with many years of studies, it is also a very demanding one in infrastructure and tools. The rise of life expectancy worldwide and the aging of populations create a very demanding area for innovation and technology in healthcare. However, it seems that innovation in the field is very robust, thus changing the landscape every year.

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