Mint Group leading with Cognitive Service & AI

Microsoft Inner Circle Member Mint Group announced the launch of its Intelligent Insights (II) Practice comprising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Computing – rendering the accessibility of this ground-breaking Microsoft technology a First for business innovation and disruption in South Africa.

Mint Group CEO Carel du Toit states that in the new digital world where technology and consulting meets, and the currency of real-time data is understood, it’s becoming increasingly critical for businesses to make data-driven decisions in real-time based on machine learning and models to drive their business forward in an ever-changing environment.

Artificial Intelligence

“With Artificial Intelligence (AI) it has become possible to ask “Where do I want to go and how can I use AI to get me there?” notes du Toit, adding that AI and Cognitive Computing provides Mint with the capability to transform data into insights in real-time and then build models on top of those insights to automate, learn and disrupt.

Mint’s II practice enables the organisation to provide a holistic technological solution offering and to take clients on a journey through the digital world where they are empowered to place people at the center of everything they do.

Helping clients make better decisions

“We help our clients drive employee engagement, and to better understand their customers for targeted marketing and service delivery. Then we enable them to augment everything around their people with distinctive IP and a unique way of working through the application of smarter systems. These initiatives, together, generate data that creates patterns and enables organisations to differentiate themselves and make better decisions – all of this is achieved through Intelligent Insights which gathers data, displays trends, and help drive better decision making for the future with leading indicators, not lagging indicators,” du Toit explains.

Reflecting on his new role as the Mint Group II Practice Executive, Peter Reid explains that the practice is complementary to everything Mint does, as it is instrumental in transforming businesses in a digital economy.

With a BSc in Computer Science, and a background architecting technological innovations as a former Microsoft consultant and Intervate CEO, Reid is well equipped to help Mint’s clients dominate the journey of AI and Cognitive Computing.

Mint – At the forefront of innovation

Reflecting on the new challenge he has undertaken, he states AI coupled with Cognitive Computing will further cement Mint’s position at the forefront of innovation. “Every engagement we take on with II will be a First and, therefore, exciting and cutting-edge, driving better business for our clients.

Through II, Mint is bringing new possibilities to its clients that were not possible a year ago and enabling them to create a tomorrow that enables innovation, disruption and continuous evolvement.” Reid concludes.

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