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Get a Microsoft Funded Engagement* to Fully Scope Your Next ERP Project in 3 Steps

Using our simple 3-step approach, we can help you to make a fully informed decision on the suitability of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution, including module suitabilty, license volumes indicative costs, in just a few weeks. 

*Your organization could be eligible for a Microsoft Funded Engagement up to the value of £20K (GBP) – providing you with a fully scoped ERP requirements package that can be used for your next RFI/RFP or implementation plan. 

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Fully Scope Your Next ERP System

With our Cost-Effective Evaluation Methodology

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, Mint Group can help you. 

Evaluate your ERP requirements in 3 simple steps

Meet ProActive:  a technology-driven evaluation solution that enables a faster and less costly ERP implementation in three simple steps.

The traditional approach to evaluating Dynamics 365 is typically workshop-heavy, resource heavy, expensive and takes months to complete.  Using Mint’s ProActive approach, ERP evaluations have been transformed from the traditionally slow, stressful approach to capturing business requirements and evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365 into a process that is much easier to complete and with a better quality result – in just weeks! 

Learn more about our 3-step approach to ERP project success:



A quick and accurate solution estimate for improved decision making.

Time: 15-20 min



For fast, easy system evaluation, analysis and best-fit.

Time: Typically 2–5 weeks



For rapid system design, specification and implementation planning.

Time: Typically 2–5 weeks

Evaluating, comparing or migrating your Dynamics 365 ERP System?

Mint has the right people, processes and technology to help. Take the first step today and get a solution estimate for your ERP. You could be eligible for up to 20,000GBP in Microsoft Funded for this engagement.

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ProActive: A stress-free approach to evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365

We understand ERP projects are complex and expensive – that’s why it’s imperative to get it right the first time. Mint uniquely approaches ERP – using intelligent online tools to cost, evaluate, scope, implement enterprise or SMB ERP projects.

Read more to learn how each stage of the ProActive journey can ensure your ERP project is delivered on time and in budget:

De-risk. Save Costs. Save Time.

Imagine if you could not only de-risk your business application implementation model but also reduce the cost, save valuable time and realize ROI faster? All without compromising on quality.

Now you can…quickly determine how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can address your needs, significantly reduce overall project costs and timescales, mitigate project risk and increase quality.

Only 39% of all projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with required features and functions

Get clarity no matter where you are on your ERP journey

Migrate or Upgrade Your Current Systems

Not convinced your current technology is giving you the expected return on investment? Use our expertise to identify possible gaps and opportunities to transform your systems.

Implement New Technology From Scratch

Use our approach to ideate, conceptualise, scope and deploy a business applications solution from the ground up. Our tools are self-serviced or a Mint representative can guide you through the process. 

Get an Accurate Blueprint to Formulate your RFP/RFQ

Use our acceleration tool to receive an accurate framework for your RFI/RFP/RFQ requirements. Our approach to rapid solutioning ensures accurate license estimates in addition to deployment recommendations. 

Choose the Right Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner

Technology capabilities have become integral to every organization’s success. You know that in a world of continuous innovation, digital transformation is the only way to keep your business competitive and relevant. But applying the most innovative and advanced technology can be a daunting, and often an ill-fated process. You run the risk of costly business application implementations, projects that overrun, extended timeframes to reach business value, misaligned requirements, and pitfalls.

Mint’s ProActive™ combines innovative technology and 25 years of experience creating transformative solutions to simplify, standardize and automate Dynamics 365 evaluation, analysis, and design and deliver a predictable, consistent outcome.

Fully Scope Your Next ERP System With ease

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Using our simple 3-step approach, we can help you to make a fully informed decision on the suitability of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution, including module suitabilty, license volumes indicative costs, in just a few weeks. Start with a self-served suitability here or leave your details below to be contacted directly.