Digital Enablement

Adoption and Change Management with less risk and more reward

What is Digital Enablement?

Is your organization ready to embark on a digital transformation journey?

Digital Enablement supports individuals and teams to embrace digital technology throughout your ecosystem. It redirects or redefines the use of resources, technology, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation to significantly change and transform your business.

Take Your Adoption and Change Management strategy to new heights with a Digital Enablement approach. 

Why Choose Mint for Your Digital Enablement?

Mint Group’s Digital Enablement manages the change, communication, and training required to ensure your entire organization can effectively deliver the business value required on a digital platform. The right technology is only the first step in delivering on your digital strategy. Ensure your business unlocks the full potential of people and technology with Digital Enablement and adoption.

Mint’s approach to digitally enabling your business

Re-imagine the way your business measures implementation success with these 5 simple steps. 

Identify Stakeholders and Change Sponsor

Plan Enablement Strategy and Communication Campaign

Plan the approach aligned to the Product Implementation

Execute on the Communication Campaign

Enable through training, reinforcement and coaching

Reap the benefits of a fully engaged workforce

Digitally Enable your Business today

Fully adopt available technologies following migrations

Stay on top of the faster moving workplace

Manage excessive and distributed information from a central location

Streamline productivity, efficiency and collaboration

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