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Dynamics 365 Business Central is the next-gen of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, one of the leading Microsoft business application products, serving millions of users worldwide. Mint Group specialises in streamlining your business processes with this cutting-edge ERP solution.

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5 Key Reasons Why You Need Dynamics 365 Business Central for Your Organisation

What is Business Central?

Business Central is an ERP system for small and growing businesses.

Forming part of Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP solution stack, Business Central is an extremely flexible cloud ERP solution, easily adaptable to the needs of geographies, industries, and individual customers.

It is an all-in-one business application that provides a small or growing business with the capability it needs to effectively run its finance, operations, projects, and sales operations.

Why Choose Mint for Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Since 1999, Mint UK has been at the forefront of business solutions, continually adapting to the evolving digital landscape. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, we enhance client interactions, boost operational agility, and drive efficiency. Harnessing the strengths of artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art analytics, Mint UK is your trusted partner in accelerating digital transformation through Microsoft’s top-tier ERP solutions.

As an experienced Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), our expertise isn’t limited to Dynamics 365 Business Central. We navigate the entire Microsoft Cloud suite, including Azure and Microsoft 365, ensuring a holistic solution for your enterprise.

Mint UK’s reputation as a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner is a testament to our unwavering commitment to client success. Choose Mint and align with a recognised partner for all your Dynamics 365 Business Central needs.

Is Business Central the Right Solution for You?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is typically used by small and growing businesses wanting to enhance financial management and automate operational processes.

Curious about its core features?

Dive into this walkthrough to explore the basics of Business Central and see if it aligns with your enterprise’s goals. Get a clear view of what this powerful ERP system offers and determine if it’s the right fit for your organisation.

Business Central Modules at a Glance

The Business Central solution allows your organisation to take on as many or as few modules as you need. Each business central module offers an advanced set of features that allow you to manage and integrate your business divisions for greater visibility and efficiency.

Financial Management


Project Management

Warehouse Management

Inventory Management



Service Management

Mint Value Add-ons

Features and Benefits of our Dynamics 365 Business Central Modules

Dive into a powerful set of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central modules. Equipped with business intelligence and business data, each module offers tailored solutions to transform your operations. Explore the features and benefits of the business central modules below to find the best fit for your business needs.

ERP Solutions for Manufacturing

Embrace intelligent manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Streamline processes, optimise resources, and boost efficiency across sales, finance, and inventory. Stay ahead with agile and discrete manufacturing, all while seamlessly adapting to digital transformation. Business Central ensures comprehensive management for your enterprise.

Efficiently manage your supply chain by leveraging intelligent systems, to save time and resources.

Utilise real-time business central data analysis to stay adaptive and responsive to evolving market demands.

Streamlined operations and improved customer experience lead to increased profitability

Facilitate remote working with a unified portal accessible across devices, promoting collaboration

Ensure the safety of your data with state-of-the-art security features in ERP

Navigate the complex landscape of regulations with in-built compliance tools

Incorporate agile manufacturing practices for a more responsive production process

ERP Financial Management

Enhance your financial oversight with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Dive deeper than traditional entry-level accounting software and tap into advanced financial management capabilities. From meticulous cash flow tracking to adept expense management, Business Central provides a tailored solution for holistic financial oversight. 

Harness Business Central for process automation, gaining precise financial data and realising cost efficiencies

Integrate with top-tier tools to ensure adherence to critical governmental regulations, championing safety, transparency, and operational excellence

Utilise real-time dashboards for immediate access to transactional data, optimising profitability insights

Reduce time in consolidating data and focus on impactful data interpretation, strengthening fiscal discipline and strategic decisions

Leverage ERP’s vast data reservoir as a cornerstone for training, understanding forecast variances, and empowering decision-makers

Experience seamless data amalgamation as Business Central effortlessly integrates with other essential modules

With capabilities from multi-bank account management to dynamic asset tracking and diverse currency handling, Business Central can meet your financial needs

ERP Project Management

Optimise project management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The ERP project management module provides a dynamic tool to track, manage and report on simple and complex projects, both from a project and financial perspective, all the time, allowing you to manage, allocate and control the resources you have at your disposal. This advanced business management solution streamlines service contract management and addresses the intricate challenges of projects.

Streamline procurement and optimise inventory management.

Adopt advanced business processes for increased efficiency.

Utilise data insights to make informed decisions.

Accurately track costs, timelines, and resources for timely project delivery.

Anticipate challenges and manage resource levels effectively.

Leverage the cloud’s efficiency and security, enabling 24/7 access from anywhere.

ERP Inventory Management

Harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for comprehensive ERP inventory management. Stay up to date with real-time business data, streamline processes across multiple locations, and leverage data analytics for informed decision-making. With Business Central, optimise inventory workflows, address challenges efficiently, and ensure you’re always ready to meet customer demands.

Improve and streamline business processes with seamless integration across multiple modules.

Spend less time on manual searches and eliminate the hassle of missing items, ensuring optimal labour utilisation.

Expertly manage the Bill of Materials (BOM) with assembly and production capabilities within Business Central.

Benefit from easy item categorisation and attribute assignment, enhancing search and sorting functionalities.

Experience hassle-free stock counting with efficient capturing, adjustments, and reclassification procedures.

Implement precise item tracking with alpha-numeric serial numbers, lot and package numbering, and cross-referencing features for unparalleled inventory accuracy.

ERP Warehouse Management

Transform your business operations with Business Central’s comprehensive ERP warehouse management module. Streamline basic warehousing, ensure real-time inventory accuracy, and drive optimal decision-making.

Embrace automation, reduce manual tasks, and experience seamless operations across manufacturing, distribution, and retail sectors.

This solution optimises stock, streamlines processes, and integrates with key business operations for comprehensive warehouse management.

Automate cross-departmental functions, achieve accurate forecasting, and manage a leaner supply chain, resulting in reduced operating costs.

Automate order placements, track shipments, and gain full visibility for superior supply chain management.

Monitor stock in multiple locations, view demand movement, and optimise procurement decisions.

Access real-time inventory status, use improved forecasting, and apply predictive analytics for accurate demand planning.

Track inventory specifics (e.g., batch numbers) for immediate issue identification and superior quality control

Personalise customer interactions, access comprehensive customer data, and address queries promptly, enhancing overall customer experience.

ERP Sales Management

Support your sales cycle, tap into accurate demand forecasting, and unveil lucrative cross-sell opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Embrace the Intelligent Sales and Marketing approach to expedite market presence, nurture enduring customer bonds, and fine-tune your sales processes for superior outcomes.

Leveraging ERP insights empowers businesses to amplify sales, streamline communications, bolster customer relations, and glean in-depth sales metrics, thus redefining conventional customer service paradigms.

Maximise your outreach efficiency with ERP’s capability to quickly present pertinent information to the right customer.

Leverage a data-centric approach for profound networking and communication, ensuring informed interactions and heightened customer understanding.

Expedite your ordering procedures with this ERP’s prompt configuration and transaction capabilities, eradicating unnecessary lags.

Continually assess and refine your business performance through comprehensive, timely reports, encapsulating essential objectives and KPIs.

Leverage the immediacy of ERP data to curtail operational and administrative expenditures, maximising your ROI.

Benefit from this ERP’s inherent security protocols, ensuring optimal protection against cyber vulnerabilities.

Procurement Management ERP

Leverage the prowess of Business Central’s procurement and purchasing module for an edge in your acquisition processes. Bridging the gap between procurement strategies and effective purchasing, this ERP module promises accurate and swift acquisition of crucial goods and services.

Through automation and real-time data insights, streamline purchase history tracking, supplier coordination, and instant PO generation, elevating operational efficiency.

Utilise automated workflows to optimise payment processing, covering everything from invoice submissions to multiple payment methods.

Business Central supports a diverse range of payment options, catering to various vendor and buyer preferences.

Centralised portals for invoice submission simplify the payment process, ensuring clarity and transparency.

Consolidate payment data from multiple sources, offering a clear and comprehensive view for enhanced decision-making.

Adhere to rigorous security standards, ensuring the protection of sensitive transactional and vendor information.

With real-time data insights, prioritise vendor quality and performance, fostering improved vendor relationships.

Service Management ERP

Elevate your customer service experience with Dynamics 365 Business Central’s service management ERP. Prioritise customer engagement through precise capacity planning, ensuring timely resolutions.

Mint Group UK’s approach seamlessly integrates contract management and appointment schedules, empowering businesses with real-time data, optimised dispatching, and unparalleled service delivery for both installations and deliveries. Transform your service-driven business for success.

Ensure timely service with accurate scheduling tools. Monitor worker locations, dispatch jobs efficiently, and track hours for prompt service.

Strengthen customer relations with real-time updates on orders. Utilise customer-facing apps for transparency and enhanced satisfaction.

Equip staff with real-time insights. Use dashboards to monitor trends, assess efficiency, and track customer base growth.

Harness real-time data and dashboards for agile decision-making, adapting swiftly to customer needs.

Keep clients informed using customer-facing apps, enhancing experience and boosting loyalty.

Utilise tools to continually evaluate team efficiency, track service levels, and maintain detailed service histories.

ERP Supply Chain Management

Harness the power of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for an enhanced operational foundation. Integrating basic supply planning with predictive analytics, this intelligent ERP system offers a unified view across inventory, manufacturing, and logistics.

Streamline processes and empower strategic decisions, ensuring agile distribution and heightened productivity.

From production to transportation, optimise every facet of your supply chain, ensuring heightened operational efficiency and asset productivity.

Gain a comprehensive, real-time view of your inventory, facilitating agile responses to shifts in demand and supply scenarios.

Benefit from intelligent manufacturing operations, ensuring timely production and innovation in every process.

Seamlessly integrate planning strategies with warehousing capacities, guaranteeing swift product movement and maximum space utilisation.

Elevate decision-making with robust reporting and analytics, harnessing the full potential of Power BI and SQL Server Reporting Services for strategic clarity.

Ensure maximum system uptime, ensuring continuous operations and minimising unexpected disruptions.

Understanding Business Central

Business Central is a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to help you work smarter. From managing finances, human resources and much more, Business Central offers ERP modules to support multiple business functions.

As Microsoft’s cloud-based offering with a 99.9% uptime on Azure, it’s always accessible. Existing Dynamics NAV users will recognise its rich capabilities, now enhanced by Dynamics 365’s version management.

With monthly updates and an upcoming on-premise version, it continuously evolves to serve your needs better. Explore the Business Central Modules Guide for more in-depth insights!

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Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution designed to streamline business processes and unify functions across an organisation. Offering a range of tools, Business Central facilitates finance, operations, sales, and customer service, among other domains. It’s tailored to adapt to the unique needs of growing businesses, ensuring they can make the most of their business central resources. With its intuitive interface and cloud capabilities, Business Central empowers organisations to enhance their operational efficiency, make informed decisions, and drive growth, all under one unified platform.

Business Central is primarily an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, designed to integrate and manage main business processes in real time. However, while it’s business central related to core functionalities like finance, operations, and supply chain, it also encompasses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) features. This means that, besides managing resources, Business Central aids in managing customer relations, sales, and service, thus offering a holistic business management solution.

While both are products of Microsoft, Microsoft 365 and Business Central serve distinct purposes. Microsoft 365 is a suite of productivity tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more, designed to facilitate office tasks, communication, and collaboration. On the other hand, Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution, streamlining operations from finance to sales. While Microsoft 365 focuses on enhancing workplace productivity through its suite of applications, Business Central concentrates on providing an integrated platform to manage various business processes seamlessly.