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Email Risks are Ever Increasing

Impersonation Guardian offers you all the tools, techniques, and expertise you need to protect your employees against email-based social engineering attacks like phishing, impersonation and spoofing. Prioritise safer inboxes, secure your domains, and enhance deliverability with this comprehensive email security service.

How Impersonation Guardian Works

Secure Your Business Email Inboxes
  • All email messaging sent to and from your domains is verified to prevent cyber criminals from harming your people. Ensure that only legitimate emails reach your recipients.
  • Impersonation Guardian fits seamlessly into your existing email environment to deliver immediate value and improved security for all.
Know Where Emails Are Coming From
  • Get a full view of both legitimate and illegitimate email traffic. Act on these valuable insights to stop fraudulent messaging before it causes damage.
  • Monitor and manage activity on active and dormant domains to proactively prevent security threats.
Improve Email Deliverability with DMARC
  • Domain Based Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) verification ensures that your email deliverability is always top priority.
Integrate BIMI for a Stronger Brand Identity
  • Use this powerful authentication technique to establish your digital brand as trustworthy by including your approved company logo alongside your legitimate email messaging.
Security as a Service with No Infrastructure Costs
  • Thanks to a centralised, user-friendly platform that’s hosted on the Cloud, deployment is easier, processes are automated, and you have access to real-time reporting and proactive management of your email environment.

Why Choose Impersonation Guardian?

  • Stop phishing, impersonation and spoofing in its tracks
  • Trustworthy verification of both inbound and outbound emails
  • Identification of suspicious emails to reduce security risks
  • Deliverability a top priority thanks to DMARC and BIMI
  • No additional infrastructure needed to secure your domains

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Rich features for all

Our product is built with a rich set of features and functionality that every customer receives. There are no gradings, tiers or variations of our product, because every organization large or small is vulnerable to the same cyber-threats and so require the same standards of protection.

Purpose built platform

Our purpose-built platform ensures swift implementation of DMARC compliance for your organization, while also providing interoperability to assess and manage data from multiple email service providers.

As a Microsoft Security Designated Partner, Mint Group ensures the security of your data, environment and projects is upheld at all times. You can trust Mint to handle your work with care. 

Find out how your domain scores

Our algorithm rates your organization’s exposure to fraudulent email activities like impersonation, phishing, and spoofing, and the risk that your current domain poses to your company’s cybersecurity.

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