Putting the P into Security: Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Priva

Security has never been a bigger priority than it is right now. The threats are intelligent, sophisticated, and increasingly pervasive. The risks are greater and the landscape more complex. And remaining secure and compliant has become a significant concern for organisations worldwide – regulations such as GDPR are commonplace and failure can lose the business money and reputation.

Managing a successful business on a digital frontier that feels more like the Wild West than ever before is demanding of resources, time and expectations. Which is why Microsoft has invested into two solutions designed to help organisations overcome security challenges and improve data protection and governance.

The first is Microsoft Purview…

Designed to protect your data, Microsoft Purview is all about visibility, security, governance and compliance. This platform is a combination of different products and services that tap into the different elements that help you stay ahead of your data.

Within Microsoft Purview, you’ll find:

  • Communication compliance – to help detect sensitive and inappropriate content within your communication channels.
  • Compliance manager – to translate complex regulatory requirements into simple improvements that deliver compliance results.
  • Data lifecycle management – to help you classify and govern data at scale.
  • Data loss prevention – to automatically protect data and prevent risk.
  • Data map and data catalog – to create a unified map that helps you manage and automate data.
  • eDiscovery – to discover and manage your data.
  • Information protection – to manage and protect data on a granular level.
  • Insider risk management – to detect and investigate and take informed action against risks and violations.

The second is Microsoft Priva…

This platform describes itself as a solution to help the organisation ‘build a privacy-resilient workplace’ and it does this by identifying critical risks and conflicts, automating risk prevention, and empowering employees.

This tool is focused on the data across the privacy level so it helps the organisation to unpack the data privacy risks that are associated with the company and its data while helping build a more rigorous data protection framework with smart automation tools and insights. It also helps the business to train its people by giving them the tools and understanding they need to better manage data and create a culture of data awareness and responsibility.

The platform includes the following key features:

  • Actionable privacy insights that assess how much personal data resides within the business environment.
  • Data minimisation that helps detect unused personal data and manage data hoarding.
  • Data transfer that detects the movement of data across multiple environments.
  • Data overexposure that minimises exposure incidents and removes the risks that come with oversharing or poor data boundaries.

These solutions combine to create a truly robust security and compliance profile for the business and ensure that every individual within the organisation is aware of the impact of data and their actions on that data.

Mint, with our longstanding relationship with Microsoft, can help you embed compliance, governance and risk protocols into your business in ways that match your unique operating environment and expectations. Get in touch with us to find out how we can provide you with intelligent support and ensure that you maintain the health of your Microsoft infrastructure and ecosystem.

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