Fearlessly Migrate to the Cloud and Future Proof Your Records Management


Imagine a world where you could make critical business decisions without fear or doubt. Where you could make changes at a drop of a hat, knowing that it would be the best decision to move your company forward.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, companies need to ensure now, more than ever, that they are able to adapt, grow and shape to ever-changing technology entities and safeguard the longevity and sustainability of their enterprises.

Regulations, security, data management, and protection are just some of the drivers that instill the need to accelerate cloud migration and adoption.

Move Forward without Fear

How do you adopt the cloud without fear?

66% of companies believe that security is one of the biggest challenges experienced by enterprises using the cloud. Data is the second area of concern coming in at 48% for data integration & management.

Regardless of what industry your company is in, adhering to regulatory, legal, and business-critical corporate data retention policies is non-negotiable. Mint Group and IQBG are poised to aid organizations of any size with winning records management services. In leveraging Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft cloud, companies can manage their regulatory obligations and increase efficiency without fear or uncertainty.

Cloud Migration is not a one-size-fits-all process, there are always challenges when developing and executing your roadmap to the cloud. Experienced third-party vendors and tools exist to help you conquer those challenges. After all, it is much easier to pull off a successful migration when you are not reinventing the wheel.

Eliminate Cloud Migration Challenges like these: 

  • Security and Cybercrime:

The Microsoft Cloud is rated by Gartner as the safest cloud in the world. With a focus on data security and privacy, you can rest assured your environment will be protected from cybercrime and ransomware attacks.

  • Data Integration and Management:

Microsoft cloud technologies offer easy and scalable integration into new and existing systems, ensuring your data can be managed from a single source.

  • Business Downtime:

Avoid downtime and system crashes with intelligent cloud rules that can be set to suit your specific business needs. Enable access to data and information at any time, from any device, even when you are offline to ensure business productivity flows.

  • Business Adoption and Training:

Enable your teams to adopt and thrive in the cloud with necessary digital enablement strategies that educate and drive awareness, in order to see successful adoption and maximum usage of the cloud.

  • Planning and Strategies:

Ensure your move to the cloud is seamless, by prioritizing workloads correctly and enabling testing and continuous improvement at every stage of the journey

  • Proper Governance:

Manage your information strategically in the cloud with Microsoft 365 tools that ensure your data is correctly stored, managed, and accessed

The Conclusion

Whether you are already in the cloud, thinking about the cloud, or need to change your roadmap for the cloud, there are various Microsoft 365 tools available at your disposal to accelerate your journey or change your course to ensure success.

The challenges will still be there, however, your team will be better prepared to anticipate, and proactively overcome cloud challenges that face every business. It is how you adapt your next steps to making the better choices that will be paramount to survive today’s cloud-based new normal. 

Join Mint Group and IQBG every third Wednesday of the month as we work our way through the world of Smart Compliance; an innovative and empowering Microsoft 365 led solution to information management.

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