Microsoft Power Apps: Transform Processes and Redesign Productivity

A recent Microsoft survey found that 82% of low-code/no-code users believe that the technology helps them improve their knowledge and skills. It also found that it has had an 83% positive impact on work satisfaction and workloads and an 80% impact on positive morale. It also revealed how important it is for employees to feel that they can grow within a company and develop skills that have ongoing potential.  

If people feel that they can be a part of process transformation while building their own skillsets, then they are more engaged and passionate about their roles and the company. 

Around 84% of users would be more inclined to work for a company that invested into their skills development. 

These statistics are a corporate loudhailer – they shout, very loudly, that your company can transform its processes and user engagement with low-code/no-code development and training.  

Using Microsoft Power Apps, you can spark the low-code/no-code revolution within your business very easily. Part of the Microsoft ecosystem, Power Apps is all about putting productivity, convenience and control into the hands of your people. Designed to be as easy as possible to use so that anyone can build an app or create a process that improves the quality of their working life, this application fits right into the current ‘work smarter, not harder’ ethos that’s driving workplace culture today. 

How Microsoft Power Apps redesigns productivity 

The first thing it does is take the development of solutions to common workplace problems out of the hands of developers and IT teams. So, employees don’t have to sit with tedious manual work or boring admin anymore. They also don’t have to sneak off to Shadow IT to resolve those problems. They can build their own solution.  

The platform also helps developers, of course, to create customised entities and immersive applications and really play around with data and systems. Using model-driven apps your teams can use data models to develop apps from existing business data and that automatically generate immersive user interfaces that are responsive across multiple devices. 

You can also use the platform to develop portals and websites for both internal and external purposes. Imagine websites developed purely for customer-facing engagements and that allow for them to log-in and manage their own data and visibility? Or perhaps a portal for suppliers and partners where they can create and view data within a customised Microsoft Dataverse? 

Then there is the fact that every part of the Power Apps ecosystem is secure and compliant with all the other applications within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This means that every app developed, process transformed, and ingenious idea realised is compliant and secure.  

It’s a whole new world. And anyone can enter. 

Mint can help you to empower your teams, employees, leaders and developers through Microsoft Power Apps. We have worked with companies all over the world to create resilient and relevant platforms that tap into the company culture and deliver what it needs to thrive.  

Mint also has developed an array of apps that you can plug-and-play directly into your own architecture to optimise your processes and systems. We have created the following apps to make your life easier: 

  • Vehicle booking app that streamlines the process. 
  • Desk booking app that allows you to take your hybrid working model to the next level. 
  • Policies and procedures app that makes it so much easier for employees to review, accept and manage internal policies and procedures. 
  • Expense claim app that makes it easy to manage expense claims and helps bypass tedious manual processes. 
  • Helpdesk ticketing app that makes it easy to log tickets and get support.  

Plus, we can help you build your own Power Apps and create a culture of innovation within your own Microsoft ecosystem. 

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