Redefining Governance and Compliance through Information Automation

McKinsey believes that intelligent automation that goes beyond business processes and into decision-making and problem-solving is the key to sustainable efficiency. The firm also points out that many organizations don’t have the infrastructure or the tools they need to really get stuck into this potential value. Limitations around systems, architecture and frameworks make it complex for organizations to minimize the risks while enjoying the benefits.  

This is echoed in a recent analysis by Gartner. The firm found that 80% of executives recognize that automation can be applied to decision-making within the business but that the challenges inhibiting uptake include scale, connecting the algorithms, and managing governance complexity.  

Information automation provides organizations with the ability to integrate and synchronize data so it delivers improved productivity and business efficiency. It also helps in refining governance and compliance within the organization by streamlining data storage, classification, security and processing. Plus, and here lies the most wonderful part – it has been extensively simplified thanks to the evolution of low-code/no-code solutions and toolkits. 

Enter Microsoft Power Automate 

The Microsoft Power Platform offers organizations the ability to use a low-code/no-code automation platform to create a center of excellence that allows for hyper-automation of specific areas of the business and for improved governance and compliance. In a recent whitepaper, Microsoft pointed out that holistic enterprise automation techniques (HEAT) give companies the ability to realize their information automation ambitions while leveraging learnings and best practice from other implementations and scenarios. 

The platform is designed to provide organizations with streamlined capabilities within easy-to-use application frameworks so they can better manage their governance and compliance mandates without compromising on efficiency. It offers the architecture, security and environments that secure data and networks without inhibiting the user’s ability to fully realise the potential of the information available to them within the business. 

Okay, but how specifically? 

  • Microsoft users have access to an intensely powerful platform that can automate business processes and information management and make a measurable impact on business efficiency and user experiences. 
  • Living within the Microsoft ecosystem means that companies can optimize these efficiencies even further, running them through the value chain from the foundations of Microsoft 365 through to SharePoint, Power Automate, Teams and beyond. Every data touchpoint forms part of the overall process. 

Using Microsoft Power Automate, you can ensure that: data is archived correctly, policies are kept up to date, stakeholders are provided with regular updates and reminders, documents are labelled and stored correctly, performance is monitored consistently and so much more. Plus you can automate web flows across Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and get creative with how business processes are refined to ensure that automation delivers optimal benefits. 

Mint has worked with the Microsoft Power Platform to build solutions that allow for organizations to fully realize the value of their information and automation. We can help you increase productivity with time-saving workflows, smart monitoring and workflow management tools, simplified navigation of workflows and processes, and help you refine your customer engagement metrics and capabilities. 

We can put information at your fingertips and automate your processes, find out how.

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