The Success of Cloud Adoption and Why You Require Training  


Many organizations are startled by how difficult it is to get people to adopt new technology. One of the main mistakes organizations make is believing that once they have obtained a new system, employees will have no choice but to learn the ins and out of it, because it is mandatory. However, in the real world, what they have had to accept is that failing to invest the time into managing the change appropriately, and focusing on adoption, can hamstring the success of new technology.  

While adopting the cloud, you don’t want this to be the case in your organization or agency. There are real transformational benefits if digital enablement is done correctly. 

The Importance of Including Employees in Your Cloud Adoption  

User adoption refers to the level of employee acceptance in embracing and engaging with new business tools, processes, and job/role changes. User adoption is then one of the critical components to driving business value and achieving business success.  

Your people should be a vital part of the adoption process right from the beginning.  As a key decision-maker, you can integrate your processes with new cloud technologies and have this available on employee workstations, but if your team does not know the basics (like how it improves their day-to-day tasks and overall business efficiency), you may struggle with seeing the benefits of your cloud investment.  

Essentially, how your workforce responds and adapts to the adoption of cloud software and processes will determine the success of your cloud migration efforts.  

The Interlink Between Employee Training and Change Management  

The objective of any business-related training is more than just transferring skills and knowledge, but getting the user (in this case, the employee) to use that knowledge to adopt a new process or tool. It is important that organizations perceive this as a change management activity and treat it as such. Merging training with change management will create a powerful, multi-dimensional approach to effective user adoption. 

Employee adoption training emphasizes the critical elements of change management to support your adoption. This includes assisting your employees in understanding the benefits. If you can do this well, you will develop a shared vision and shared experience.  

By clearly defining how roles and processes are changing and what is expected of your employees, everyone will have a much clearer understanding of how to move forward, make a distinction between old and new processes, and adapt to new workflows.  


Cloud adoption training and digital enablement empower your organization to improve with time. You can improve the problem areas by picking up inefficiencies in your training delivery, which steps may be challenging to employees, and what specific training is required. The most important thing is that you support your employees and provide continuous learning objectives.  

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