Resolving the Risk – Finding the Failproof ERP Implementation

Resolving the risk. Finding the failproof ERP implementation.

Implementing a resilient and effective enterprise resource platform requires planning. It also requires that the business recognize the risks and unpack the processes to ensure that implementation is a long-term and sustainable success. McKinsey defines this as a ‘holistic enterprise platform transformation’ and underscores the value of ERP in optimizing and digitally enabling the business, but only if it dodges a fragmented approach that fails to look at every part of the organization, from end-to-end, touchpoint-to-touchpoint. 

In a previous post we looked at some of the risks that come with ERP implementation and how to efficiently bypass and mitigate them. In this post, we dig into some of the methodologies you can use to fully realize the benefits of ERP without unnecessary risk or complexity.  

First, some of the statistics that every business should know… 

  • Only 39% of all projects are delivered on time and on budget with the required features and functions 
  • 3-6 months is the average time it takes to present a business case to the board 
  • 6-12 months is the end-to-end implementation process on average 
  • Only 27% of employees use the implemented ERP system 
  • Three quarters of ERP implementations fail or fail to stay on budget 

The risk of ERP gone wrong was seen in a recent article in Supply Chain Dive which unpacked how J&K Snack Foods lost around $20 million in revenue thanks to an ERP implementation gone awry. The system created hiccups, roadblocks and problems across the entire business value chain and cost the company across multiple touchpoints.  

So, how can you address these issues? 

There have been significant shifts in how companies approach ERP platforms over the past two years. Few companies want to end up throwing increasingly large amounts of money and resources at a project that’s consistently refusing to meet targets or expectations. This is why Mint developed the Mint ProActive Transform and Mint ProActive Discover solutions that have been designed specifically with seamless ERP implementation in mind. 

Built on the foundations of the SEER 365 GYDE365 survey tool, these two tools are entirely dedicated to changing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation model so it delivers greater success and better value for money. SEER wanted to resolve the common challenges facing every company and every team when implementing business applications, Mint wanted to make this solution even more accessible to the market. 

Mint ProActive™ Transform and ProActive™ Discover simplify, standardize and automate key system evaluation and project-related activities to help you reduce the risks and costs while completing your ERP implementation faster and more efficiently, with zero compromises on quality.  

The statistics that walk hand-in-implementation with Mint are: 

  • A significant reduction in system evaluation time 
  • Solution design costs measurably reduced 
  • Project completion time shrunk by up to 30% 
  • Accelerated implementation and analysis model 
  • In only 16 hours you get a comprehensive output pack 

The Mint ProActiveseries are designed to help you de-risk your business so you know that you’re going to get the ERP benefits you expected, not the pitfalls you dreaded. Thanks to our long-term relationship with Microsoft and our extensive expertise across multiple markets and sectors, we can help you build a Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that addresses your needs, delivers exceptional quality, and gives you the peace of mind you need to sleep at night. 

In fact, Mint ProActive is the perfect antidote to sleepless nights spent worrying about implementations, service delivery, timelines, budgets, and solution design. 

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