8 Lessons to in Life … and in ERP Implementations 

8 Lessons to in Life … and in ERP Implementations 

 I was very lucky early on in my career.  

I met an amazing mentor who, up until this day, is someone I can look up to. Many of the things he has done have become part of my professional code of conduct. He has such a broad knowledge of ERP that highly experienced peers reach out to him for advice. He is always able to provide wisdom on a wide range of topics including as development, financials, supply chain, and more.  

But as my career progressed, many more lessons and personal rules have been added. And with that, I would like to share some of the lessons I have learned that have become part of my DNA.  

1 – Focus on principles 

As with math, if you understand the rules, the application becomes easy. If you understand a sales process, you will be able to adapt to many different systems. If you understand the process, you do not need precise implementation details, it will be possible to figure it out.  

 2 – No task is “beneath” you 

It might be as simple as populating data templates, or as complex as rewriting the entire trial balance in multiple currencies. From each task I have done, I have learned something and had the opportunity to refine a skill I thought I had nailed. If you are reliable in small things, you can be relied on with big things.  

3 – Volunteer to do at least one support call a month 

I still do support calls every now and again. It is fast paced; communication is intensive and there are quick wins where you learn new things. There is always a spike of excitement when you complete the call and have a happy customer.  

4 – Understand more, do better 

The more you understand of the process you work on, the better the output you will be able to provide. If you are a developer, understand the functional process. Really understand the customer’s requirements. Draw pictures and confirm that you understand until you are truly aligned. (Microsoft Visio is AMAZING with this. Try it out!) 

5 – Prioritize  

If everything is urgent, nothing is urgent. Each of us is just one person and we have limited capacity.  Your family and personal life is part of that prioritization.  

6 – Pressure is not the enemy  

There will be situations in everyone’s life where the pressure can push you to the breaking point. This is not something to be feared. It is something that can make you much stronger than you thought you were. I have experienced it and those moments really gave my career a boost.   

7 – Give people the benefit of the doubt 

This lesson I have learned again and again over the years, and still do. I have an amazing mentor currently leading by example. The woman you can’t quite place turns out to be the woman who takes so much initiative and is so great to work with. The team member who has a different method of work, turns out to be the ally to plan and strategize with. People have a way of surprising you if only you give them the chance.  

8 – Play your own game  

We are all responsible for our own careers and the image we portray to the world. Put up your hand, volunteer for tasks. Talk to whoever you can. What you invest in yourself, you will get out.  

Show up, don’t let fear put you in the shadows. Put yourself out there. Lift people up. 

We make choices every day, but now you can move forward  and make the right choice with your ERP Implementation with confidence and de-risk, and save time.

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