Achieve Measurable Return on Investment with Microsoft 365 License Optimisation.

Microsoft 365 license optimisation


Enterprises need to make strategic purchasing decisions when it comes to managing their technology infrastructure stack, especially now when most architectures rely on SaaS to optimise performance and scale. Investing into cloud-driven platforms is an opportunity for organisations to refine their spend around their actual requirements and to ensure employee usage is optimised. However, often companies end up struggling with over- or under-utilisation of their investment and this can add unnecessary costs to the bottom line – costs that this technology is supposed to mitigate.

Enter license optimisation. This is the key to unlocking the true value of your investment and ensuring that employee, business and system usage is perfectly balanced. With the right tools, you can easily mitigate overspending while maximising your investment.


These tools will allow for your business to improve operational efficiencies in five core ways:

01: Gain critical visibility into how your organisation is using its investments

Leveraging Mint’s ProActive Discover and Mint Dynamics 365 License Optimiser, your business can maximise the value of your licenses and investments easily. These tools allow you to see exactly how your organisation is using its investments in Business Central, Finance and Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management.


02: Reveal under-utilised solution functionality

You can discover which solutions you are not using to their full potential and capacity which then allows for you to increase operational efficiencies and cost-savings. The Mint Dynamics 365 License Optimiser, provides you with a report that includes both a business summary and key recommendations designed to help you refine your investment and usage.


03: Identify cost savings

When you know how your licensing is behaving within your business, you can then quickly identify potential cost savings and productivity improvements. It allows for you to align your spend with your business priorities without compromising on quality and agility.


04: Build a more strategic roadmap

Once you know how your business is leveraging its technology investments, you can better map your evolving business requirements to solution capabilities and license requirements. The insights gleaned will allow you to optimise and refine your digital approaches while still giving you the space you need to flex your existing investments. ProActive Discover enables you to quickly and effectively determine if you’ve chosen the right solution for your business. The platform helps you to reduce your system evaluation time by more than 60% while maximising user adoption and giving you richer control.


05: Make license optimisation simple

Microsoft licensing can be complicated and you need to keep on squeezing out that value. The Mint Microsoft License Optimisers are advanced and automated analytics wizards that Mint experts run through your business to help you do just that – get the value you seek. Added value also comes in the form of minimal disruption to your business, a suite of tools designed to reveal your financial and functional benefits, and comprehensive guidance on making sure your business experiences every one of the benefits listed here.


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