Work is Now Home, and Home is Work

The reality is that work has become home, and home is work.  We call this the ‘new-normal’, something that is not going away. What’s important, is what we are learning from it.  

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The Evolving CFO And Technology

As a CFO to a top 1% global Microsoft system integrator, I am continually learning and collaborating to ensure that I stay on top of evolving trends to help my organisation and its clients transform through technology. From the last few finance and technology seminars I attended; a pertinent theme rang throughout a look into the jobs that will no longer exist in 10 years.

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The AI-Powered CFO –Finance AI

The tech-savvy CFO relies on data-driven insights to drive business intelligence and growth. As such, CFO’s have progressed from serving as a financial guide to the board to a strategic advisor, providing guidance on new revenue streams and models, driving strategic initiatives and serving as the ultimate driving force behind growth. It all comes down to a little something I like to call ‘finance AI’.

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4 Factors To Convince Your CFO You Need A CRM

Convincing your CFO to invest in customer experience initiatives will require a demonstration of value to the bottom line and will, ultimately, make you a happier sales person which, in turn, will make your company more profitable.


Why CFO’s Love AI-Powered CRM’s

Written by: Mint Group CFO, Yvonne Dias As a CFO, a love of data comes naturally. Data that drives processes brings me to my happy place, and when that data is provided in real-time I am ecstatic! That is one of the main reasons why I am a big fan of Dy ...