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The Evolving CFO And Technology

As a CFO to a top 1% global Microsoft system integrator, I am continually learning and collaborating to ensure that I stay on top of evolving trends to help my organisation and its clients transform through technology. From the last few finance and technology seminars I attended; a pertinent theme rang throughout a look into the jobs that will no longer exist in 10 years.

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Mint Group leading with Cognitive Service & AI

“With Artificial Intelligence (AI) it has become possible to ask “Where do I want to go and how can I use AI to get me there?” notes du Toit, adding that AI and Cognitive Computing provides Mint with the capability to transform data into insights in real-time and then build models on top of those insights to automate, learn and disrupt.


The “C” Word that makes Technologists Cringe

Compliance It’s like wearing a helmet while you’re kicking tricks with your BMX buddies: somehow it just seems to take the fun out of pulling off any type of acrobatics… because the cool kids perform summersaults *without* the safety gear their mothers ma ...