Putting Customers First: The CX Evolution in Banking

More than 50% of customers will switch brands if they’re not happy. Yes, even their banks. At a time when fintech has revolutionised access to banking through innovative startups and solutions designed to optimise the customer’s journey and finances, fina ...


How the Finance Industry is Shaping the Future of AI

Is artificial intelligence (AI) changing the shape of the financial services sector, or is the financial services sector increasingly defining the shape of AI for business across all sectors? For the Harvard Business Review, many of the questions raised b ...

Digital Business

3 Mistakes That Make Thriving CIO’s Tank

The Accenture 2015 US Innovation Survey reported that 84% of executives considered their future success to be extremely dependent on innovation, with McKinsey adding that 80% of executives view their current business models as at risk of disruption in the near future.


Embracing A CRM Initiative In The BFSI

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most important phrases in the banking industry – or at least it should be. In today’s financial world CRM should be linked with the following mission: “Gain a competitive advantage by identifying, attracting, and retaining profitable clients.”