Defining and Growing the Mint Group Community

Defining and Growing the Mint Group Community

Mint has however evolved and developed to recognize the importance of community impact, as a natural extension of its People First approach, which is deeply cherished within the Mint ecosystem, made up of employees, clients, partners, and community.

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The Evolving CFO And Technology

As a CFO to a top 1% global Microsoft system integrator, I am continually learning and collaborating to ensure that I stay on top of evolving trends to help my organisation and its clients transform through technology. From the last few finance and technology seminars I attended; a pertinent theme rang throughout a look into the jobs that will no longer exist in 10 years.

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Why is Leadership Development so Important Today?

Why is Leadership Development so important today? It feels like one would be hard-pressed to find a world leader today who is competent, worthy of respect, humble, leads by example, and who is trustworthy. Perhaps you are mentally ticking off a few leader ...