Women at the Forefront of the ICT sector: Sugeshni Subroyen, Taking The Mint Brand To New Heights

Women at the Forefront of the ICT sector

Sugeshni Subroyen, Mint Group’s Head of Marketing has taken the Mint brand from relatively unknown to becoming one of the premier brands across the EMEA region. She led the team to win the best Microsoft Go-To- Market partner award in South Africa for 2019 for Mint’s joint marketing efforts with Microsoft South Africa and the US.

Sugeshni has been with the Mint Group for just over six years, starting her career at Mint as the marketing manager when Mint was just one company but is now responsible for providing marketing strategy and support for all seven businesses across the Group. “I believe the heart of any business success lies in its marketing. I love great campaigns and clever messaging that appeal to customers on a personal level – marketing that matters and marketing to who matters!”

The Mint brand, says Sugeshni, represents growth, integrity and an ever- evolving group and reflects its promise to its employees, clients and partners. “We have worked tirelessly on building a reputation in the market and the Microsoft Partner eco-system as one of their top managed partners. Our brand is already well-established in the market, evident in the transformative projects we have delivered to businesses and the public sector across the countries we operate in. Mint people, aka Minties, are an extension of the brand and Mint’s biggest brand ambassadors.

“As a ‘People First’ organisation, our people represent who we are and what we stand for as a brand in every interaction with clients and partners.”

Sugeshni has always believed in sending the elevator back down and supporting young individuals through mentorship and support. Her rich sense of community comes from growing up in Chatsworth, south of Durban, where neighbours were like family. “As a trustee on the Board of Mint’s Sekolo sa Dinaledi Trust, it has been gratifying to see first-hand how the Trust has impacted the lives of so many children and their communities. They say it takes a village, and we are creating a village where education, support and development is at the forefront of everything we do.”

She adds that Mint’s Ubuntu EmpowerMint programme is also aiding the work of the Trust. “Set projects that start-up businesses collaborate with Mint on have to include a CSI portion, with the Sekelo sa Dinaledi Trust as beneficiary. “This way, as these businesses develop and mature, they are giving back and developing the community as well. It increases our reach and ultimately our support across South Africa.”

Through the Trust, Mint also invests in ‘Growing a Mintie’. “We have identified little ‘stars’, whom we are supporting throughout school and hope that they will one day work at Mint and continue to pay it forward. Sugeshni  believes that early childhood development is one of the best investments for South Africa’s future and economic state.

“Giving young children a sound educational base is key to developing our beautiful nation and addressing the stark realities of the injustices of the past.”

When Sugeshni is not researching global marketing trends and perfecting her craft, she is spending time with her family, reading a great book or sharing wine and good conversation with her friends.

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