Social Selling with Microsoft Relationship Sales

Utilise the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build profitable business relationships through social selling

What is Microsoft Relationship Sales?

As one of the most powerful professional networking sites in the world, LinkedIn hosts over 65-million professionals from around the world.

The integration of Linkedin Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 Sales revolutionises selling by turning the art of social selling and customer relationship management into a science.

Mint Group UK enables marketing and sales teams, which now have the tools to ensure data-driven decisions that result in outcomes that are targeted, profitable and long lasting. With MRS sellers don’t just sell, they build relationships that transform client’s organisations.

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Transformative selling with Microsoft Relationship Sales

Drive more personalised and meaningful engagements with clients and prospects through the powerful relationship building, insights, and social selling features of MRS.

By integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 Sales, sellers can use information intelligence to build relationships and connections that convert.

Take relationship-building to the next-level by truly knowing your target accounts, engaging with their achievements, and connecting through shared interests.

MRS empowers sellers to focus on the right buyers, find the best path to reach business influencers, and gain valuable relationship insights with intelligent next-best actions that help drive targets.

The Top Benefits of MRS

Focus your efforts on the right customers

Find every member of the buying committee

Reveal the best path to reach each buyer on their preferred terms

Build relationships with recommended next-best actions

Keep track of buyers and their needs

Engage buyers with personalised content

Synchronise relationship data across systems

Increase ROI by targeting the right buyer

Why Microsoft Relationship Sales for Social Selling?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Intelligent account-based marketing

Unified relationship data

Holistic customer view

Activity tracking

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