Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations enables you to personalise your approach to Enterprise Resource Planning by tailoring a solution that meets your unique requirements.

What is Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations?

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations provides deep data and process integrations across Dynamics 365, Office 365, and partner applications to offer a centralized source of financial information. This integration saves time, facilitates collaboration across your organisation, and enables faster, more informed decisions. It empowers organisations to do business anywhere, anytime with an intuitive user-interface personalised for your role and preferences.

The suite of specialised business applications enables organisations to integrate the management of main business processes into a premium, real-time solution, reaping the rewards of intelligent real-time data and predictive analytics.

Lead the Way with Dynamics 365 F&O

ERP as a system helps automate and manage business processes across finance, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, human resources, and operations. Helping leaders gain insight, optimize operations, and improve decision-making, Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s next-generation cloud application from Mint UK, breaks down data silos, integrating information between different departments.

Optimized operations

Gain greater control over disconnected areas of your business through the automation, task prioritization, and data integration of ERP systems.

Aligned teams

Increase business productivity, enable the flow of data between departments, and encourage collaboration by breaking down data silos.

Unified data

Eliminate duplication, reduce errors, and boost data accuracy by maintaining a centralized repository for data from all departments.

Improved decisions

Make predictive insights and data-driven decisions with real-time information about your organization.

Reduced costs

Reduce mistakes and uncover issues before they happen—insight across the business increases efficiency and reduces costs overall.

Craft Your Own Path With Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Microsoft Dynamics F&O Offers two core system applications for enterprise-level organizations. Dynamics 365 Finance enables fully operational finance and accounting capabilities, while Dynamics 365 Operations enables seamless operations across supply chain, manufacturing and operations.

These modules can be used together or on their own.

Dynamics ERP Finance

Grow your business faster. Redefine your traditional global financial management. Automate processes to increase efficiency. Decrease operational expenses and financial complexities.

Dynamics ERP Supply Chain Management

Automate your operations. Optimize business operations. Automate manufacturing and supply chain management. Maximize asset life.

Transform Your Operations With Dynamics ERP

Integrate seamlessly across business units and departments to offer a holistic operational system that enables efficiency, visibility, and manageability.

With the Power of Dynamics 365 and Mint Group, you can transform your ERP operations across all departments:

Finance and Accounting

supply chain

Inventory Management


planning and logistics

Warehousing management

Deploy Your Dynamics 365 Project faster and for less

Ask how Mint’s ProActive™ solutions simplify, automate and accelerate the Dynamics 365 system selection, analysis, and design process, helping you significantly reduce overall project costs and timescales, whilst mitigating project risk and increasing quality. 

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