Microsoft OneDrive

Accessible File Storage: Powerful, Connected and Secure File Sharing in the Cloud

Cloud Based Storage at Your Fingertips

Sync and share your personal and professional files from a centralized location. OneDrive enables you to organize your files in folders, access and collaborate on documents of large sizes. Even if you lose your device, your data, and files will remain protected and ordered, in the same place you have stored them.

With various accommodating sizes for storage space, you are not restricted on the number of files you are working with. You can create quality work using the latest versions of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and other Microsoft Office applications. You can also work freely, knowing that your files are secured and have ransomware recovery, in cases where you may have a cyber-attack.

Use a Trusted Cloud-Based Solution for Your Information Sharing

Get a secure private-based cloud folder to store and share everything you need, without having to attach large files on emails. You can simply provide a link to your recipients and provide them with easy and convenient direct access to a document.

Advanced Benefits for Advanced Work


Connect, access, edit and share all your synced data from any device, at any given time.


Securely store data and information, managing access control for files and folders. You can also backup and recover your data.


Stay connected to your team and collaborate in real-time. Anyone with access will always have the latest versions.


There is no need for you to download all your documents and fill up your storage. Store documents, media and projects with ample storage options.


Know who is working on what with track changes, while co-authoring with colleagues and team members.

Make The Best of OneDrive with Smart Features


Keep your work on track by enabling notifications for shared files or edited documents, when you are on sync.

Admin Reports

As an admin, you can better assist your users, with Sync admin reports, that provide visibility and insights on adoption and health of the OneDrive sync app across your organization.

Enhanced Governance

Strengthen your files with Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels and information barriers.

Fetching Files

The Fetch files tool, allows you to access all your data files on a different device, using your OneDrive account.


Maximize productivity by integrating your OneDrive with Yammer, SharePoint, Teams and other Microsoft Office Applications for a comprehensive user experience.

Expiring Access

To protect shared files, administrators can set a mandatory expiration period to ensure access to organizational data is not always available to external partners.

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