Your Digital Notebook: Capture and Organize Personal and Meeting Notes Across Your Devices for enhanced productivity

What is OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote [powered by Microsoft 365 is an app that allows you to optimize your notes, conversations and thoughts with a digital notebook that will take all your transcripts, documents and recordings, to new levels. You can now transition all your ideas, learnings and notes into smarter and succinct information that will help you get further.

You can sync all your entries and minutes across your devices, integrating links and multimedia for extensive capturing, reporting and analysis.

Quick and Innovative Idea Sharing

In a world that demands the sharing of innovative ideas, you can make OneNote your essential productivity tool for business. OneNote leverages the modern cloud to make capturing, storing and sharing, more convenient, easy and engaging.

Why OneNote Is Ideal for Your Business

Real Time Collaboration

View and edit collaboratively in real-time, using co-authoring and revision abilities. The ‘history’ tab will enable you to view past revisions and restore files.

Advanced Security

Ensure that your data is secure and protected with passwords to protect individual sections. This guarantees that your intellectual property remains private.

Easy Accessibility

Do not let access restrictions limit your productivity. Your teammates can add, edit, and access shared documents anywhere, anytime.


OneNote also integrates with other apps such as Excel and Outlook, ensuring that you perform at your best.

Smart Notes at Your Fingertips

Intelligent Templates

Follow a professional structure and template that works for you. OneNote has a templatized consistent notes that will save you time on building note formats and workflows.

Custom Tags

Make things easier for you by adding tags and categorizing your notes, to help you identify and access the information quicker.

Quick Links

You can make your notes even smarter by connecting your notes. Use a link for deeper knowledge construction, contextual learning, and critical thinking.

Easy Translation

The need to translate multilingual text is more important than ever. You can use the translation tool to help you obtain more clarity and understanding with the task at hand.

Scan to Text

Make your handwriting easier to read. You can scan handwritten notes on a page and convert it to text on your OneNote, using the ‘Ink to Text’ feature

Multimedia Integration

Make your notes visually and auditory appealing, by adding infographics, images, video, or include an audio recording of your meetings.

6 Professional Ways you Can Use OneNote

Research and Blogging

Best used for SEO and content, the Web Clipper feature enables you to capture web pages to support your notes. It also has a WordPress feature where you can publish OneNote pages on your blog.

Project Management

OneNote prevents challenges such as miscommunication, time management and bottlenecking. Oversee where your team is with each task on the timeline and assign new deliverables in real time.

Interview Transcribing

Don’t miss any valuable information. Prepare for an interview and integrate fast transcribing with speech recognition too, which allows you to transcribe on the go. You can easily pause and play as the Q & A occurs.

Expense Claims

Have your expense claims readily available. Take the hassle out of documenting and managing receipts. You can use the OneNote scanner to scan and collect receipts, making them easily searchable by date, name, or category.

Social Media Archive

You can automatically save your social media posts in real-time. Sync OneNote to your business Instagram account and enable the recording of your posts and images, to be more accessible and browsable.

Status Reports

Status reports and action items can now easily be recorded and noted with the support of multimedia – links, videos, documents, and audio. You can also use the timeline and task tools to assign team deliverables.

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