Office 365 Activation

Build, Manage, and Support your Office 365 environment with Mint Group

Ramp up your Microsoft 365 environment with Cloud Applications

With Office 365, your enterprise can take a leap forward thanks to next-generation cloud applications that give your teams access to best-in-class productivity solutions from around the world – all integrated into one personalised dashboard.

It is a revolution in how enterprise software is deployed, managed, and delivered that gives your people the competitive edge anywhere they work, and it integrates with other industry-leading cloud technologies to ensure you have the best in terms of security, performance, and cost optimisation.

Harness online tools that empower your employees

Store and structure organizational data using SharePoint

Make note taking and sharing easy with Microsoft OneNote 


Embrace teamwork and collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Store and share data across organizations in the cloud with OneDrive

Make emails and communication easily accessible with Microsoft Outlook

Increase productivity with co-authoring abilities in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Get the benefits of using a data-driven insights solution

Real-time document co-authoring

Real-time chat and status visibility of co-workers

Organise team workflow

Intelligent, context-aware email

Easy linking to stored files

Work offline, anywhere, from any device

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