ID Document verification service helps achieve 60% improvement in results

1Identity boosts their efficiencies in document scanning and extraction using Mint’s AI-Driven ID Document Services

1dentity is a global organization leading the way in remote biometric digital identity authentication systems. 1dentity serves clients with a secure platform that authenticates physical identities and documentation in real-time.

In order to serve their clients with a secure identity verification service, 1dentity and Mint AI have come together to provide 1dentity clients with a powerful and accurate document and data extraction, face comparison, and government database verification service – all in one simple real-time call.

Benefits of using Computer Vision API Services

  • Remote, fast and easy validation of any person
  • Option to perform Liveness checks ensure that the verified person is present and not being faked
  • Verify clients using the official Home Affairs database
  • REST service for simple integration into existing processes
  • Classification confidence and accuracy
  • Process low quality photographs of documents
  • Full Auditing and logging
  • Local provider providing improved services

A large telecoms company performs 20,000 ID document verification calls per month. Before switching to Mint, there was a 24% failure rate in detecting faces, extracting data and other failure cases.

Using Mint’s advanced AI technology, the failure rate has dropped to 14% – a 60% improvement.

Addressing Challenges in Digital Identification

  • Inaccuracies in document extraction and capturing
  • Errors in matching ID photographs to a government database
  • Failures in calls to system resulting in increased costs
  • Low quality documents resulting in failed attempts
  • Lack of integration into third party systems

How it works

Scan an ID or document into system

Information extracted and matched with Home Affairs database for verification

Personal information and picture of person matched with Home Affairs database

Verification complete and records kept on file