Mint at the Microsoft ModernBiz Africa Summit

Event Synopsis

Technology is all about the people with an increase in demand for applications that simplify our lives and enable increased productivity – a theme that reverberated throughout the ModernBiz Africa Summit 2016.

This theme was also the focus of Mint ECM director Francois Pienaar’s keynote address session titled ‘You, me and we are still at the centre of it all’ in which he emphasised the need for technology that empowers us to work and live life simultaneously.

“We are wearing technology, drones are more pervasive than ever before, and mobile phones are analysing location and behaviour and are thinking for you. Technology is moving at a dizzying pace, but are we keeping up?” he asked the audience of over 500 ModernBiz attendees.

“What will all of this technology mean for us – the people who use it, consume it and push the boundaries even further?” he added, noting that “Microsoft is releasing more software, apps, and services than ever before and their focus is on us, them, you and me.”

Echoing Pienaar’s sentiment, Mint’s Trifecta security offering in partnership with BUI and New Order presented a breakaway session that focused on the use of technology to secure and simplify cloud investments. The Trifecta team enticed the audience by showcasing that businesses are never as secure as they think while demonstrating how they can ensure fail-proof security by combining, infrastructure, Application Lifecycle Management, and continuous penetration testing expertise.

Lastly, .go Delivery Lead, Ryan Britton, and Mint QA and Architecture Lead, Oliver Smit, lured attendees to a breakaway session focused on ‘The Modern ISV: business with your head in the cloud’. They took the audience on a trip through time and technology, showcasing where it all began, how we have advanced, and what the Modern ISV’s toolkit comprises.

#PeoplePowered Success

#PeoplePowered was the theme driven by Mint and .go throughout the ModernBiz Africa Summit 2016, emphasising the commitment that the organisations place on their own technologies to ensure that it empowers individuals and that all applications released enable a better quality of life while taking care of work.

Mint and .go enjoyed considerable attention at the conference with delegates streaming to the exhibitors’ platinum stand to chat about their solution offerings while enjoying a specialty coffee from the sponsor’s coffee bar. In addition to the platinum stand, Mint also sponsored two silver stands in conjunction with ECM partner K2, and Trifecta’s partners New Order and BUI.

Mint Group CEO Carel du Toit states that the ModernBiz Africa Summit 2016 was a huge success and that the organisation hopes to derive much future value from the connections and leads acquired at the summit.