Mint Group Delivers Holistic Screening Intelligence With MYHEALTH.Ai

Introducing another industry-first

Amid an increasing need for workforce protection as South Africa’s lockdown restrictions ease, Microsoft Gold partner, Mint Group, released an intelligent employee wellness application that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help organisations resume business activities through the holistic management of employee wellness while curbing the spread of COVID-19.

“ is a first-of-its-kind in the South African market as its intelligent features go beyond screening functionality, enabling organisations to take care of employee wellness, health and workplace safety as well as collaboration requirements from a single hub,” explains Mint Group Head of AI, Peter Reid.

“This application features mobile self-screening through home check-ins, office-based screening via kiosks, temperature screening via thermal cameras, and advanced employee collaboration features, such as surveys, webinars, engagement portals and procedure automation.”

Further, the application maps employee wellness data to their screening input, and automatically aggregates and analyses this data in real-time, thereby, guiding intelligent organisational access control, collaboration techniques and decision making amid Covid-19.

Reid explains that the missing link among available COVID-19 screening applications is the absence of capabilities that manage the aspects that happen before and after COVID-19 screening.

“From this need, was born – an application that drives multiple engagement features and screening methods with the supported hardware and products, such as facial recognition and sanitisation stations.

By availing all these capabilities, features a complete employee wellness solution that empowers organisations to drive business processes, enhance workforce collaboration and unlock continuous value from cloud-based intelligence.”

Reflecting on the advanced pace at which the solution was released, Mint Group CEO, Carel du Toit, explains that the solution is built on the Microsoft technology stack which drives streamlined implementations, especially for clients with existing Office 365 and Power Platform products.

Placing people at the centre

“ was developed in response to growing requests from its client base for safe and secure working environments powered by intelligent technology. “Through our partnership with Microsoft and Hygiene Solutions we availed an end–to–end solution that drives safety, health and wellness for our clients’ employees, contractors and visitors,” explained du Toit.

He added that the world is experiencing a growing impact on citizen health and the economy with organisations increasingly facing tough decisions to ensure business continuity amid COVID-19. “This stresses the need for intelligent technology applications that can place people’s health and well-being at the center while promoting business-as-usual.”

Mint Group Head of Brand, Sugeshni Subroyen concurs noting that, as companies slowly open their doors to resume business, they will face many challenges in the upcoming weeks and one of them is protecting their most valuable resources, their people.

“Preventative measures are mandated by the government to keep the workforce safe while regenerating the South African economy. Employers need to take every available measure to keep employees healthy and productive. At the core of this is technology fuelled by innovative processes that place people first.”

About Mint Group

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