Samantha Barrett Appointed Head of Mint UK

Mint is delighted to announce the appointment of Samantha Barrett as the new Head of Mint UK. Samantha brings over a decade of experience in ERP delivery, with a strong background in strategic engagements with global businesses in the financial and manufacturing sectors. Her expertise lies in business transformation and managing complex global rollouts.


Samantha is passionate about delivery excellence and simplifying the complex. Samantha believes that Mint Group’s success is rooted in its delivery-led approach, which balances strategic thinking with clear, tactical execution. Samantha emphasizes the importance of a clear and transparent relationship between partner and customer before embarking on a business transformation, which often can span multiple years and be expensive and disruptive. It is essential to ensure customers understand the exact capabilities and services they will receive for their investment as well as their obligations and what they can expect to from a partner. For transformations to be a success, a partner must arrive with deep industry expertise as well as an appreciation for the importance of consistent governance.

Mint UK is characterized by its experienced yet young and dynamic team, leveraging the latest technology and techniques to drive modern ERP solutions. Their innovative approach, ProActive Discover and ProActive Transform, ensures that Mint remains at the forefront of industry advancements, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Under Samantha’s leadership, Mint has achieved phenomenal success in attracting a diverse team with deep expertise in supply chain and manufacturing. This team not only understands the Microsoft product but also stays abreast of the latest trends and challenges faced by global customers daily. Ensuring that new hires complement the Mint brand has been a key focus for Samantha.

Mint Group’s mission is to create tomorrow for the UK market by harnessing innovation and excellence. This mission is reflected in our commitment to delivering transformative solutions for our clients. Samantha Barrett shares, “At Mint, our core value is simplifying complexity to drive quality. We believe that by making the intricate straightforward, we can deliver exceptional results and set new standards for the industry.”

Carel du Toit, CEO of Mint Group, congratulates Samantha on her appointment: “We are thrilled to have Samantha lead Mint UK. Her dedication to excellence and her strategic vision aligns perfectly with our mission to create tomorrow for the UK market. We look forward to achieving great success together.”

Mint looks forward to continued growth and success under Samantha Barrett’s leadership, confident in her ability to drive delivery excellence and strategic execution for our valued customers.

About Mint Group

Mint is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the supply chain and manufacturing sectors, specializing in the implementation of Microsoft products and strategic process optimization. With offices in the UK, South Africa, and Australia, Mint delivers transformed enterprise-wide solutions across the Microsoft Cloud Stack, including Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, and AI. Our mission is to enhance business efficacy by providing technology solutions that heighten our clients’ ability to deliver outstanding stakeholder experiences, fostering an increase in value and equity. Since 1999, Mint UK has been developing solutions aimed at enhancing customer experience, bolstering agility, and enhancing operational efficiency. Mint is a recognized Microsoft Solutions Partner, committed to achieving outstanding customer results and expediting digital transformation for enterprises and public sector entities worldwide.