3 Steps to Making Your ERP Projects Painless and Effective

Tune in as Mint Business Development Lead, Nikki Isherwood, takes a fun and interactive journey into the past, present and future of ERP technology to illustrate 3 ways you can optimise time, costs and significantly reduce frustrations on ERP projects.

In the session, we cover:

  • A brief history of how business-critical technologies like ERP have evolved, including a relevant, real-life example from the banking industry.
  • Actionable advice on determining which technologies can add the most value to your business. Never ask, “How long is a piece of string” again! Mint’s best practice for setting up a technology budgets for your business that deliver on the expected ROI.
  • A 3-step process for speeding up your upcoming ERP evaluation and budgets:
  • Qualify: Get an immediate and effective solution estimate
  • Discover: Obtain all the insights you need to evaluate, budget, and build a business case – in just 16 hours!
  • Transform: Significantly speed up the analysis phase of your ERP integration through proven project automation and methodologies adapted to cloud technologies.