On-Demand Webinar: Core Business Applications For Customer And Citizen Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights unlocks industry insights to create better decisions

As intelligent technology applications continue to evolve, organisations need to ensure transformational roadmaps that foster scalable and competitive operational environments. The challenge, however, lies in the design of a roadmap that balances current technology investments, people, and processes with the future objectives of an organisation and the innovative trends fueling technology developments.

How are organisations crafting technology roadmaps that are affordable, scalable, and competitive?

Mint Group hosted a few industry-focused Dynamics 365 workshops geared to provide you with tools to make the most of your customer and citizen insights and data including:

  • Details of a hands-on session to help you identify opportunities in your current environment with
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • What your current technology landscape comprises and what the potential is
  • How you can use AI-driven technologies to your advantage

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Citizen Insights for Government Entities

Patient Insights for the Healthcare

Client Insights for Financial Services