Dynamics 365 ERP Rescue/Optimise

Problems with an already delivered or in-progress Dynamics 365 ERP implementation? Call on Mint’s experts for rapid recovery.

Roadmap to recovery

Mint frequently hears of companies that have chosen Dynamics 365 ERP but then need help to optimise or even rescue and recover their implementation to realise its full potential.

The perceived problems can stem from implementation shortcomings or a misalignment of Dynamics 365’s capabilities with the client company’s operations, processes and business needs.

That’s why Mint has developed its ‘Dynamics 365 ERP Rescue/Optimise’ service. So if you’re frustrated and unsure which way to turn, let our ERP experts map out and deliver a clear route to value.

How Mint experts can rescue and optimise an existing Dynamics 365 ERP implementation

Is your business suffering from a distressed or stalled Dynamics 365 ERP implementation that’s failing to live up to expectations? Or maybe your implementation has been completed but is in need of optimisation, improvement or upgrading?

Whatever the problem, our ‘Dynamics 365 ERP Rescue/Optimise’ service can quickly get you back on track and reaping the business rewards.

Rapid Health Check

A rapid health check, technical audit and analysis of the ERP system as it stands, and the issues being faced. We then recommend any broad systems/infrastructure changes required.

Validation and Roadmap

Validates the ERP system against your key business processes and strategic goals. The key deliverable is a rescue/optimise roadmap with timescales and costs.

Preliminary Stabilisation

An initial stabilisation of the ERP implementation and related business processes is then undertaken to ensure business continuity and secure any possible ‘quick wins’.

Full Implementation

In line with the roadmap, we rapidly implement the agreed full set of system rescue/optimise steps. A full review follows to ensure business goals have been met.

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