Education Solutions

At Mint, we strongly believe in empowering every person to achieve more through technology. By placing the right technology in the hands of students and educators and arming them with the right strategy to achieve success, future innovation through great minds is inevitable.

Education Solutions

Education has been no exception to the digital transformation experienced across industries and the advantages available to students and educators through technology has transformed education and enabled students to reap the advantages offered by the digital world.

Mint has as strong background in and focus on the education industry and has helped empower many institutions to innovate great minds through the application of technology. Our unique approach lies in the way that we combine strategy with technology.

We take a ProActive approach to technology implementation and first assess your environment, skillsets, goals and objectives to see what technology will empower you and what implementation approach is needed to foster transformation.

How We Empower The Education Industry

Enabling Dynamic Learning Experiences

Increased collaboration through Office 365 technologies

Improved visibility of student and staff engagement through analytics

Grant and donor management using Dynamics 365 Business Applications

Real-time service delivery based on true analytics and insights

Streamlined operations with an integrated technology solution stack

Get actionable insights into your students and educational staff.