Modern Meetings

Powering intelligent meeting experiences with Microsoft Teams

Are You Having Modern Meetings?

The Modern Meetings solution uses Microsoft Teams to enable productivity across all locations, devices and environments with built-in intelligence to streamline meeting administration through recordings, automatic transcription, instant chat and live captions. High thresholds of audio, visual quality, and background noise elimination also form part of the Modern Meetings solution to deliver communication and collaboration intelligence.

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Secure and reliable meeting infrastructure

For meetings that drive organisational objectives, team members need consistent high-quality meeting environments no matter where they work from or which device they choose to use. All users and meeting rooms also need to automatically upgrade to new features without any negative impact on the meeting experience.

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Intelligent meeting environments

With intelligent meeting environments efficiency and productivity are core to the tools used to drive meetings and objectives. Microsoft Teams drives intelligence through automated features, such as meeting transcriptions, meeting captions and meeting recordings.

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Productive collaboration experiences

For every work experience there’s a Microsoft Teams device to help streamline that experience through technological intelligence. With the Modern Meetings solution, every feature is geared at increasing collaboration and productivity through high-quality audio, visual and automation features.

Next-Generation Productivity and Collaboration

Voice and Audio

Video and Conferencing

Direct Messaging

Presentation Sharing


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