Next-Generation Meeting Hub

Introducing a Teams custom solution that uses PowerApps, PowerAutomate and Bots to make your board meeting administration process seamless

What Is The Next-Generation Meeting Hub Solution?

Next-Generation Meeting Hub is a collaboration and document management solution that streamlines board meeting preparation, running and follow-up.

By combining the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Teams, Power Automate and PowerApps, the solution enables organisations to effortlessly get rid of paper in the workspace, automate administrative board processes and ensure a secured, history logged environment for all information.

Next-Generation Productivity and Collaboration

Microsoft Teams

Schedule meetings, manage participants and enable recordings

Power Automate

Automate processes to enable seamless follow-ups and information dissemination

Power Apps

Bringing a solution together in a single app with powerful integration capabilities

Next-Gen Meeting Hub is a solution that allows board members to access agenda’s documents prior to the meeting through a secure and compliant central digital channel with Intelligent collaboration, decision-making and information management processes.


Streamline board meeting
management within Teams

Go paper-less and never lose a document

Drive board-related actions through
built-in intelligence

Automatic scheduling through Teams
and Outlook integration

Automated administration

Maximise board information security

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