SMART Classify

AI-driven Classification, Storage, Retrieval, Routing and Backup of all digital content.

Quick and Easy Document Management

The frequent use of digital activity and cloud-based services generates overflowing volumes of data.  Fortunately, with AI we can now scan, read and classify information which is captured and stored through cloud computing systems in Microsoft 365.   Make the most of your data by turning your documents into intelligent pieces of information.

What Do You Get From SMART Classify?

Access an AI-driven engine that automates document scanning, extraction, storage and classification

Build multiple classification models to drive specific business goals that are continuously trained on the system

Gain real-time analytics into data and reporting funcitonalities without the human error elements

Built On Reliable technology

Vision AI

Power BI

Microsoft 365

Azure Service Bus

Azure App Services

Azure API Management

Azure Storage

Azure SQL Databse

Azure Key Vault

Azure Role-Based Authentication

The Benefits of SMART Integration

Search, retrieve, store and view all organizational data.

Use any document format, file type to create an all-inclusive model

Leverage your existing content ensuring all data is reported on

Drive identification/classification process for all content

Accurately Automate Tasks, saving time for employees to focus on priority tasks

Leverage an accurate model that removes the human error element

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