Allow users to choose their journey, get routed to the correct queues and receive the best customer service experience required for their needs. 

Intelligent Queue Management System

Leveraging the power of face recognition technology to recognize, verify and place customers in the right queue in your physical and virtual facilities. 

Effective queue management in service facilities is the key to maximizing your customer service experience and staff productivity. Enable intelligent queue management with an innovative solution that guarantees your organization security, reliability and flexibiity. 

What Do You Get From SMART Queue?

Use Computer Vision technologies to identify and verify customers

Place people in the right queue based on their needs

Get predictive insights based on customer behaviour and preferences

Built On Reliable technology

Vision AI

Power BI

Enterprise Service Bus

Azure Service Bus

Azure App Services

Azure API Management

Azure Storage

Azure SQL Databse

Azure Key Vault

Azure Role-Based Authentication

The Benefits of SMART Queue

Enroll new customers into your system quickly and effectively

Recognize existing customers, enabling a personalised experience on every visit

Keep data secure in accordance with GDPR rules and regulations

Enable better management of physical and virtual waiting environments

Exceed customer expectations by providing communication throughout their journey

Get real-time reporting and insights into behaviour and appointment patterns

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