SMART Integration

Automate seamless integration between on-prem environments and cloud-based solutions with innovative message broker technology.

Seamless Integration and Message Brokering

Connect on-premises and cloud-based applications and services to implement highly secure messaging workflows between applications and the master data management within your organization. SMART Integration enables transactional message brokering that ensures transactional integrity for all internal message operations between applications, systems and data.

What Do You Get From SMART Integration?

Automate integration between on-prem environments and cloud-based solutions

Manage real-time messaging between environments

Automate logic for integration between systems

Built On Reliable technology

Enterprise Service Bus

Azure Service Bus

Azure App Services

Azure API Management

Azure Storage

Azure SQL Databse

Azure Key Vault

Azure Role-Based Authentication

The Benefits of SMART Integration

Connect existing on-premise systems to cloud solutions

Distribute messages to multiple independent back-end systems

Scale out ordered messaging to multiple readers

Enable existing Java Message Service (JMS) applications to talk to Service Bus

Decouple and Build reliable and elastic cloud apps with messaging

Protect your application from temporary spikes in traffic

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