Women in Technology

SA Women In Technology Growing Across Borders and Boundaries

In July 2016 I attended my first Microsoft WPC event in Toronto, Canada, even though this was not a typical event for an HR person to attend. During my pre-event schedule preparations, I came across the Women in Technology (WIT) group and signed up immediately for the lunch and various talks by WIT members.

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Reflections Of A Modern Marketing Intern

Marketing is also not a relaxed discipline where you can take time to ease in. With constant campaign roll-outs, new product launches, thought leadership, new events, go-to-markets, leads to nurture, sales deals to help close and many brainstorming sessions, I had to learn quickly to help my team deliver on targets.

Employees Don’t Need Workplace Tools To Be Fun, Just Efficient

Employees don’t need workplace tools to be fun

For quite some time, organisations have tried to make work more fun and endearing by incorporating gamification into the work environment. Of course, there are various layers of the concept but at its core, gamification is playing a work-related game to achieve something and get a reward. This approach covers two bases – keep users engaged and get some work done.

Digital Business

3 Mistakes That Make Thriving CIO’s Tank

The Accenture 2015 US Innovation Survey reported that 84% of executives considered their future success to be extremely dependent on innovation, with McKinsey adding that 80% of executives view their current business models as at risk of disruption in the near future.

Digital Transformation

Getting Transformation Right

Digital transformation may be seen by some as yet another industry buzzword, but the fact is that by 2022, global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach nearly $2 trillion. The size of the anticipated market is such that it is not surprising to learn that most enterprises are either busy with, or are at least considering, some form of digitisation strategy.

8 rules for video calls

Working From Home Video Tips

FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and Teams are just a few of the apps used to communicate during unprecedented times. But despite the fact that we are not in the same room for meetings, you still have to put your best foot forward.