5 Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2024

Recent technological developments are forcing businesses to move at a frenetic pace just to keep up. With emerging tech like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation being on everyone’s lips, there is no lack of revolution and evolution in the system. In fact, 45% of CEOs aren’t entirely confident that their companies will survive if they remain the same, which repeats the refrain that technology is a transformative enabler that every organisation needs. 

 Which tech trends are shaping our businesses this year? Analysis and research firms agree that the following phenomena will become more prominent over the next 12 months. 


01: AI-augmented development 

 According to Gartner, AI-augmented development will become more immersed in the software development cycle. Generative AI will help developers, citizen developers, and teams to write, understand, and create code. Tools like Microsoft Copilot, GitHub Copilot, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and Google Codey are likely to infiltrate organisations and evolve to suit specific needs and expectations. 

 AI-augmented development helps to connect multiple communities, individuals, and creators through tools that make the development of apps and solutions easier, efficient, and more targeted at the organisation’s needs.  


02: IT and security will converge 

 Despite being an indispensable part of modern business, security is often neglected. The people who do understand the risks associated with not securing IT systems fight to get everyone onboard – from IT to developers and employees. As the year ahead evolves, it looks likely that whole organisations will finally stop and listen. The threats are too pervasive and intelligent, particularly as criminals use AI and increasingly intelligent tactics to penetrate even the most rigorous of security protocols.  

 By converging teams and expertise, companies will make cohesive security decisions that allow for faster threat detection and response and better integration of solutions throughout infrastructure and systems.  


03: “Phytigal” becoming prevalent 

While the portmanteau of “physical” and “digital” doesn’t quite slip off the tongue, the technologies that drive this realm are making their way into the mainstream. Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), immersive internet applications, and the metaverse are blending the two worlds in increasingly ingenuous and innovative ways.  

This approach refines how organisations engage with customers leveraging digital tools to reimagine customer conversations and engagement.  


04: The platform economy will grow 

 According to MIT, platforms are also going to get a boost from AI. Some of the truly exciting innovations in this space include AI as a Service (AIaaS), personalised processes and services, and spaces that facilitate human-machine collaboration. This will be just one part of how platforms are set to evolve, however. Circular platforms that tap into renewables, recycling, and resale solutions will become more prevalent, allowing organisations to create sustainable spaces and empower supply chains to become more socio-economically responsible. 

 With some imagination, the right solution, and an eye for a gap in the market, companies can leverage the platform economy to translate strategic opportunities into growth and customer service. 


05: Zero trust will remain a priority 

 With platforms, AI, apps, mobile devices, IoT and cloud – security has never been more important. Companies want solutions that help them to protect their data, their customers’ data, and actionable insights for avoiding security threats. Zero trust is a proactive and integrated approach to security across every digital layer that explicitly and consistently verifies every transaction. 

 Mint offers the tools and expertise to help you move to a zero trust security model through a phased approach that closes your vulnerabilities methodically and ensures you are protected.  


How to keep up with the pace of technology 

 Is your team feeling overwhelmed by the pace of technological development? Don’t worry. This is a normal reaction, but we’d like to encourage you to partner with Mint to harness emerging technologies like AI in a worthwhile and sustainable way that enables future growth. Let’s build tomorrow together! 

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