The Benefits of ERP for the Modern Organisation


Forrester describes enterprise resource planning (ERP) software as a technology lacking in innovation that takes a long time to deliver benefits. Well, that’s how the firm described the perceptions around ERP. The reality is different. Now, ERP is at the cusp of a “remarkable transformation, enabling faster innovation”.  

Professional services organisations need a reliable, agile and modern ERP precisely because of its potential to deliver innovation and transformation. ERP stitches together the critical components and departments throughout the organisation to create a cohesive ecosystem capable of delivering the following benefits: 


Data as an asset

A beautifully integrated ERP which meets your unique business needs is one that will hand you the keys to the data kingdom. Firstly, it will add another essential layer to your data security as your ERP is designed to manage access which will limit who can view and edit your information, and secondly, it spreads your data across multiple touchpoints throughout your architecture to ensure redundancy and eliminate the risk of a single point of failure. Wedded to these two data benefits is the centralisation of your data which makes it easier to access and manage.  

ERP gives you the tools you need to wave goodbye to data scattered across silos, spreadsheets and systems which means you get faster access, improved decision-making and richer insights. 


Productivity as standard

When data is accessible and standardised, when systems are connected and aligned, and when automation has slipped seamlessly into the cracks and processes, the result is a system designed to enhance employee productivity. Offering you automation capabilities for mundane and repetitive tasks, rapid access to data, and comprehensive visibility, your ERP lifts a lot of the admin and time-intensive burdens from employees making them more productive and engaged. 


Visibility as clear as glass

You want to know where your data is, you want instant insights (just add ERP), and a view of other teams, silos and departments. This is what ERP delivers as standard to the business. It removes the time and frustration traditionally associated with enterprise sprawl by making everything accessible and visible. Leadership gains a pane of glass clarity over the entire organisation while employees gain visibility into the why and the what of their roles and responsibilities.  


Measurable cost efficiency

Integrating an ERP into the business takes time and money. There’s no getting around this, right? Well, there is with Mint. We use our ProActive platform to assess your environment and rapidly speed up your integration while measurably cutting costs. Our cloud-based analysis platform allows for a fast, accurate evaluation of Microsoft Business Applications against your company’s requirements and then equally rapidly develops a solution that fits within your business. We ensure you get a right-size, right-time, right-cost ERP that fits properly. 


Mint as an ERP specialist

Our long-standing expertise and proven track record with Microsoft means we can help you with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. If your existing integration is distressed or stalled, we can step in to resolve persistent issues or optimise an already deployed system. Our skillset expands to customising Dynamics 365 ERP to fit within a complex projects-based business, enabling rapid time to value with reduced risk, robust financial intelligence and visibility, real-time analytics, and unprecedented visibility and tracking for your projects.  

Mint can empower your business to go further with an ERP solution that really does deliver the benefits and the savings. Get in touch today. 


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