Accelerate Your Migration Journey Success with The Azure Migration and Modernization Programme

Migrated to the cloud in azure

You can now adopt a customer-facing flexible programme to support your Azure migration and ensure a smooth transition into the cloud.  The Azure Migration and Modernization Programme (AMMP) assists customers to accelerate their cloud journey, with the right mix of best practice guidance, resources, and expert help at every stage of development. If there is one thing you may have picked up, is that cloud migration is a strenuous process, often with challenges that you may not always be able to resolve, as rapidly as you may like. Nevertheless, you should be confident in the support, maintenance, and expert guidance you can receive from the AMMP.  From planning to implementation, your organization can be met, wherever you are in your cloud process.  

Eradicate Your Organizational Concerns With AMMP   

Your organization is adapting to a hybrid environment, and you’re overwhelmed at the challenges you’re facing, and the lack of knowledge you may have, to navigate and implement the opportunities presented by the Azure cloud. You know you want to move fast, at the pace of digitally advanced technologies but don’t know how. My advice would be to simplify your environment.  

With end-to-end proven best practices, optimization of costs, and sustainable outcomes, many organizations have simplified and accelerated their cloud journeys. Given that you’re already an Azure customer, and that you have an indication of your business needs, you can implement this programme at no additional cost.   

Why are Customers Choosing Azure? 

Globally, cloud migration and modernization are accelerating as customers look to recover and reimagine their hybrid business environments, with faster innovation, hybrid flexibility, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, and trusted security.  

In this fast-paced digital and transforming era we work in, knowing how Azure can help support your modern workplace, should be of priority to you.  There are several ways organizations are using the Azure hybrid cloud, including running applications seamlessly, across different cloud environments. You’ll be glad to know that one of Azure’s biggest and strongest features is to run applications as they are or to restructure and take advantage of cloud scalability and convenience. Here are some of the other reasons you too can embrace:  

Running Hybrid Apps On-Premises 

By using the Azure hybrid cloud, you can  strengthen your applications in several ways. The cloud provides an extensive hybrid cloud management functionality, which extends to your on-premises data center. These include migration tools, networking tools, single sign-on (SSO) and identity management, and even hybrid storage devices that can be deployed on-premises. 

Migrating Your Apps to The Cloud  

We know that now, more than ever, it’s crucial to maintain low operating costs while responding to evolving organizational requirements. You can move confidently, knowing that the Azure cloud supports the infrastructure management of your apps, allowing you to spend more time growing your business and empowering employees. 

Implementing Edge and Disconnected Scenarios 

You can enjoy the benefits of the Azure AI tools, edge, and cloud platform capabilities, that enable edge intelligence.  Issues of latency, intermittent connectivity, or regulations may not always allow for connectivity to Azure, but you can move boldly, knowing that your cloud solutions are guaranteed to work, even when disconnected from the internet.  

Enabling DevOps Pipeline 

Make use of Azure DevOps, which provides comprehensive tools to manage, automate and deploy your pipeline build, easily and effectively. 

The 3-Step Customer Journey in the AMMP 

1 – Assessment and Planning  

Get assistance with planning your move, including holistic assessment and cloud economics guidance.  

2 – Landing Zone Build Out 

Utilize design and architectural guidance to ensure your workload has a secure and well-managed environment on Azure.  

3 – Migration and Modernization  

Finally, you can get help with moving your applications, data, and infrastructure. Be it servers, databases, or applications.   

Creating a Positive Employee to Customer Experience? 

A positive employee experience matters for organizations to have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, innovation, and productivity.  

As AMMP is a best practice proven model, it provides customers with ease of mind, significant cost savings, and ultimately, sustainable outcomes. This experience enables a business to run optimal infrastructure, resulting in efficiency, speed of use, and a seamless employee and end-user experience. 

The value of the programme has been referred to as a great differentiator, enabling a framework that extends the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, to deliver excellence.   


By investing in the AMMP, organizations can enroll for cost-effective and high-performing cloud acceleration, that facilitates the unlocking of maximum cloud value. In the challenging times we find ourselves in, the need for driving operational efficiencies is becoming more apparent. The common decisions businesses must make, is between running their own datacentre or migrating to the cloud. While the latter has become favourable for its extensive benefits, most customers are uncertain about working their way in and around the cloud, with minimal risk and expenses. When migrating to the cloud, Azure can offer you differentiated value, enhanced by the AMMP, to help you operate at your best.  

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