Mint Equips Learners With The Tools For Learning

In continued support of its partnership with the International non-governmental organisation (NGO) Afrika Tikkun, Mint Management Technologies provided stationery to the youth of the organisation’s Diepsloot branch to ensure the children kick of the school year with the right tools to enable brighter futures.

The NGO uses a cradle-to-career model that invests in the development of disadvantaged children from early infancy, to young adults, and ties in directly with Mint’s DotUnity vision. DotUnity is Mint’s corporate social responsibility arm, and through the company’s various partnerships with community initiatives, it is able to share both Mint love and it’s shared knowledge with the children and youth.

“Afrika Tikkun is Mint’s selected charity since moving its head office to the Bryanston area. Their vision of “cradle to career” speaks directly to DotUnity’s vision of children and education, and we want to enable them to meet their directive as much as we can,” notes Mint HR Manager Lauren Clark.

To assist with the implementation of a stimulating educational environment for the children attending the Africa Tikkun school in Diepsloot, Mint approached the organisation at the start of 2016 to see how it could help ensure that learners start the new academic year on a positive note. Subsequently, a need for stationery was identified.

“At this time of year stationary is always a necessity, and Afrika Tikkun empowers hundreds of kids to get to school and learn. We feel that by assisting with a necessity such as this, we are enabling children to focus on learning, instead of worrying about not having the right tools to learn with. Stationary is expensive and many families living on or below the breadline cannot afford these items for their kids, which places a burden on the schools as well. This is our way of assisting our community while ensuring children continue to be educated,” explains Clark.
She adds that Mint will also be kicking off its annual hands-on initiative at the center on April 1, where all the staff will be involved in gardening, cooking and interacting with the children.

“This not only means that Mint as an organisation is able to make a difference in the daily lives of these children but also empowers each Mint employee, giving them an opportunity to derive immeasurable value from helping those in need and making a difference in our community.”

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