Pushing Cloud-based transformation

Mint Has Been Pushing Cloud-Based Transformation In Key Sectors

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Mint Management Technologies was recognised for its role in cloud-based digital transformation – particularly in the healthcare, education, and financial services sectors. Group CEO Carel du Toit points to the team’s depth of vertical-specific expertise in these sectors, and their ability to implement fit-for-purpose solutions.

“Winning the Dynamics 365 Partner of the Year award is of strategic importance for us. We often get too busy to celebrate our successes, so it’s great to pause and enjoy the moment,” he says.

Mint’s implementation teams worked tirelessly to truly understand clients’ requirements and levels of maturity, he adds and then forged ahead with solutions delivering tangible business value. “The aim is to stay flexible and responsive. We realise what we did last time isn’t necessarily what we should do this time.”

Highlights of Mint’s Dynamics 365 deployments include solutions that enhance the delivery of public sector medical care (through its work at the Department of Health); as well as a bespoke Anti-Money Laundering solution developed for Africa’s Financial Services firms.

One of the largest Dynamics solutions providers in Africa

As one of the largest Dynamics solutions providers in Africa, du Toit explains that Mint is continuously increasing its reach across industries, powering new levels of customer-centricity for its clients, and enabling innovation that disrupts.

He says the big theme of the 2017 awards was honouring those partners that are themselves rapidly transforming. “For us, it’s very important that we’re an agile business from end-to-end. In fact, every part of our business runs in two-week sprints: from finance to marketing, to operations, and everything else.”

Dynamic Culture

“Allied to this is the need to have a dynamic culture of innovation and entrepreneurship,” he adds, noting that these principles are certainly not mere lip-service. Even the unconventional ‘franchise-style ownership structure of the group is designed to encourage a strong sense of ownership among all staff.

“We also recognise that we need to be in a perpetual state of planning and refining, as is the nature of agile businesses. It’s only by living these principles ourselves, that we can help our clients to transform and disrupt the way that they operate.”

Mint has also been a huge catalyst in migrating data and applications to cloud-based platforms, in line with Microsoft’s global strategy to help businesses maximise the power of cloud architectures.

Du Toit says the forthcoming locally-located Azure datacentres will have a ‘massive impact’, eradicating any lingering concerns from cloud-resistant CIOs about data sovereignty or data classification issues.

“By having the datacentres in-country, it becomes very simple to move network fileshares into OneDrive and start capturing the value from having your data backed-up, searchable, and always available.”

With ISO 27001:2013 certification for data privacy and information security, Mint is well-placed to continue helping organisations to better harness the value of their data, and realise all the benefits of cloud-centred business models.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Operations/Finance Partner of the Year Award recognises a partner who differentiates themselves as premiere industry providers of Dynamics 365 that deliver modern intelligent experiences and services that connect all the data across an organisation to help their customers make better, faster decisions and achieve optimal outcomes.


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