Four Questions To Ask Your CRM Implementer

The Low-code/No-code Value of the Microsoft Power Platform

According to Gartner’s 2021 Seller Motivation Assessment, 59% of B2B sellers say that CRM inhibits their ability to work. When describing the technology, Gartner likens it to the fable of the emperor’s new robes – everyone can see the flaws, but only the sellers can see the joke. However, recent shifts in CRM technology functionality and design have started to change this dialogue, ensuring that sellers get the CRM experiences they were promised, and organisations get the benefits they expected.

However, CRM value still rests on the foundations of a robust and relevant CRM implementation, which is why there are questions you need to ask your CRM implementing partner before you push play on the project.

Questions to ask your CRM implementing partner 01: Do you have the experience?

This question isn’t just angled at the length of time the implementing partner has been in business, but also at how much experience they have with your size of company and your specific sector. You want to collaborate with a CRM implementing partner that’s prepared to dig deeply into the workings of your business and gain a rich understanding of its complexities and operating parameters. It doesn’t matter how many household names a client has served, if they can’t, to continue the analogy, cut and shape the clothes to fit your unique business shape, then the solution won’t serve you.

Questions to ask your CRM implementing partner 02: Will you take time to understand my business?

The answer to this question must be yes. You need an implementing partner that goes beyond simply showcasing all the bells and whistles of a CRM platform. You need a partner, full stop. Someone who can see which features will suit your business, which ones won’t, and what elements can really make your sales and customer experiences shine.

Questions to ask your CRM implementing partner 03: How will you communicate with us?

Once you’ve signed on the dotted implementation line, the last thing you want to feel is out of control and out of the process. You want an implementing partner who communicates often and clearly so that every step of the process is managed according to your expectations. Your CRM implementing partner must be transparent, processes must be visible, and communication must be constant. This is a non-negotiable expectation as CRM implementations are complex and iterative.

Questions to ask your CRM implementing partner 04: How will you help me with resource identification and support?

CRM isn’t easy. In fact, the more refined and targeted your CRM implementation, the better it is for your business. You want a CRM implementing partner who can help you identify the areas of the business where your CRM platform may or may not integrate with your existing systems and who can then help you customise and refine your implementation approaches. This includes providing you with skilled resources throughout the implementation process who can fill any gaps you may have around project management, data analysis and integration. It should also include the ongoing provision of talent and training to ensure that when you complete your CRM implementation, you have a system that can be easily used by employees and that delivers value from the outset.

Questions that Mint can answer as your CRM implementing partner:

Mint has a proven track record with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations and has been recognised as one of the top 1% of global business applications integrators for the past three years consecutively. We have the experience but, most importantly, we have the people who will ensure that your CRM implementation fits your business. Mint is also committed to taking time to understand what you need – we use Mint ProActive™ Transform and Mint ProActive™ Discover to explore your business and unpack the optimal route to CRM implementation.

When it comes to communication and collaboration, Mint has a solid track record, providing customers with trusted support and transparency throughout the implementation process. We’ve won the Microsoft Consulting Services Partner of the Year and the Microsoft Advanced Specialization Partner Award for Change Management and Adoption – we communicate with you at every step of your implementation journey.

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