Make Better Technology Decisions Part 2


How can you ensure that your digital strategy doesn’t stall?   

In our first part of this series, we looked at how companies looking to upgrade and modernize their process and systems have followed the same processes and procedures for the past 20 years. From RFI to requirement gathering to workshops and final signing, suppliers and customers have wrestled with formulaic approaches to technology implementations that have cost them both in terms of transparency, speed, and cost efficiency.  

For most companies looking to get to the point where they can present a solution’s business case to the board, they’re looking at almost a year’s worth of paperwork and admin. The other issue is that the traditional way of approaching this process is also very reliant on the supplier and limits visibility for the customer at key touchpoints along the way.   

To resolve these challenges and reshape these conversations, the solution is to reinvigorate the decision process and reimagine the way you approach your digital transformation.  

Translate complexity into an engaging decision process that works 

This is an important step. You’ve got the mandate to ensure that your organization stays ahead of the trends and evolutions in digital transformation. You need to know that your business can compete on the global stage, that you can innovate at speed, and that you’ve got the agility needed to pivot in endlessly uncertain times. You also don’t want to have to negotiate endless hurdles and complexities to tick all of these boxes. 

This is particularly relevant today, as a recent PwC survey pointed out, with 60% of executives citing digital transformation as key to growth and a further 42% investing into digital transformation because it’s central to keeping the business ahead of compliance with increasingly challenging regulations and legislations, globally. In addition, IDC believes that spend will continue to grow with a CAGR of 16.4% from 2021-2025, with companies increasingly paying attention to its strategic relevance.  

Digitally-driven, data-led, digital native, digital innovation – these are the terms that are linked to organizations that are thriving in uncertain and challenging times. As McKinsey puts it, digital is Prioritizing technology transformations to win’ and has widened the gap between the companies that are winning post-pandemic showing measurable growth and stability.  

You also want a decision process that dodges the risks and the pitfalls 

This is where ProActive Discover and ProActive Transform from Mint come into play. Designed to reimagine the way you approach your digital transformation, these ‘smart tools are designed to help you avoid the risks of expensive applications that don’t deliver, project overruns, and misaligned requirements.  Normally, only 39% of projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with the requisite feature sets and functionalities. With these two platforms, you can beat these odds. 

You probably want to know how… 

Well, ProActive™ Discover is designed to provide you with a comprehensive output pack within as little as 16 hours. This pack includes a detailed fit and gap analysis of standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 against your business needs and provides solutions for those areas that are not covered by this platform as standard. It also includes a high-level blueprint to help you easily compile your supplier RFI and RFP documents along with license and implementation service estimates so you can rapidly build a business case. The result? Everything you need to implement the right Dynamics 365 products and licenses from the outset. 

Then, ProActive™ Transform is the next step in the process once your decision-making process is complete. This toolkit will help you to complete the analysis and solution design phases of your project much faster. It’s a business analysis solution that’s focused on solving your business problems by offering you functional and technical service design, including third-party requirements, along with configuration settings that enable quick and efficient solution builds.  

Both these solutions form part of the Mint UK offering that’s designed to reimagine your digital transformation with less effort and better results.   

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