Overcoming the Customer Confidence Hurdle with Data and Transparency

Overcoming the customer confidence hurdle with data and transparency

According to Gartner, one of the biggest sales team’s pain points in 2022 is customer confidence. Around 90% of those surveyed felt that information is relevant, supported by data and compelling but they aren’t sure how to make sense of it while 55% aren’t sure how to identify the criteria that make the technology stand out, and 44% find the information ‘trustworthy but contradictory’. It’s a wealth of data at customer’s fingertips and it’s proving to be a problem rather than a value-add. 

Customers aren’t sure of their purchasing decisions and are overwhelmed by the scale of information available about different technologies, solutions and platforms. The research above found that customers do find the information online to be of a high quality and accurate but this is only making it harder for them to choose. Sales teams face a conundrum – how do they connect with customers amidst this sea of content and insight? What’s the new, digital journey to customer engagement and sales success? 

The architects of understanding 

The answer lies in helping customers to make sense of the information in ways that are relevant, engaging and perfectly timed. Gartner calls this sensemaking’, a strategy that successful sales teams can employ to enhance customer confidence by providing them with information at each stage of their purchasing journey. Sales teams stand as architects of understanding, providing customers with insights they need at every touchpoint so customers feel supported and don’t get lost in the avalanche of information. 

Sales reps that have access to customer insights, data and information can use this data into collate interactions that go beyond a static email or a brief call. Instead, they can use customer contact as a chance to listen for context and then use this to add value to the information the customers already have at their disposal. This aligns with what McKinsey pointed out in its B2B Sales: Omnichannel everywhere, every time report. The research firm highlighted that the omnichannel is reshaping how customers engage with sales and vice versa, and emphasised the value of creating nuanced interactions that are effective and relevant to customer needs and expectations.  

Finding the right route to customer connections 

Understanding the customer confidence conundrum is one thing, finding a toolset that supports sales teams in their efforts to build this confidence in your product or solution is another. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is designed to help sales teams connect with customers through their preferred communication channels using touchpoints throughout the omnichannel that can be customized and curated. 

Using the toolkits and connection points built into this platform, sales teams can build stronger relationships with their customers using the foundations of insights and data. You can use Dynamics 365 Sales to track accounts and contacts, and build a nurturing funnel through leads, opportunities, quotes, orders and sales documentation. You can also use the platform to build out views, lists and customer profiles that allow you to correctly identify where the customer sits in the funnel and how your sales team can deliver relevant support on time.  

With the right partner, you can implement this solution into your business and gain invaluable client insights that will help you to shift your conversations in the right directions. Then, you can empower sales, enable customers and use all the business insights and intelligence you have at your disposal to translate a lack of confidence into a long-term investment.   

Mint UK has expertise in implementing Microsoft Dynamics Sales 365 into companies that want to enhance their sales team’s capabilities and that want to build relationships that last. With our support, we can help you to provide your customers with the right information at the right time, and to ensure that sales is poised to help them navigate this information towards a final decision. We will build the platform you need to connect with your customers.  

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